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Select the best answer.

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    A frisk is a Fourth Amendment

Select the best answer.

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    A frisk is a pat-down of the outer clothing to find

This is the online test for Parliamentary Procedure requirement for the BSA Public Speaking merit badge. The requirement states: 5. Show you know parliamentary procedure by leading a discussion or meeting according to...

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    What is Parliamentary Procedure?

Based upon Nebraska FFA Junior Parliamentary Procedure Leadership Skills Event.

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    The book that is considered the parliamentary authority for FFA is:

Courtroom evidence rules, and roles of participants in a trial.

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    1. Our justice system is known as an adversarial system which means that

Parliamentary Procedure Questions & Answers

Which of the following is not a principle of parliamentary procedure?
D. Courtesy to Everyone. The person who makes the motion gets privilege when speaking on a motion. Therefore, there is not courtesy for all in parliamentary procedures.
The President cannot vote.
I thought that the president could vote when their is a tie.
What is Parliamentary Procedure?
It is a set of rules for conducting a meeting that allows everyone to be heard.