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The US Government has a huge responsibility on its shoulders. It not only has to organize and administrate the greatest and most diverse country on the planet, it also has to take on the role as leaders and peace keepers in the free world. That's a huge responsibility, and everyone plays their part. From the President himself, right down to government clerks in provincial offices, they all play their part in making the United States what it is today.

Are you a keen student of the government, how it works and what it does? We've got lots of questions that you'll love answering in our US Government quizzes. Can you name the three branches that together go to make up the federal government of the United States? How many members does Congress have? Which party has returned the most Presidents? Let's see if you can vote for the correct answer every time.

This is a check-point for how you are doing with branches of US government.  Be sure to include your first name and last name's initial along with your  period number (e.g.: Dave B. P2, Sue D. P6 or Randy Q. P7) in the...

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    Which branch of US government can propose amendments to the Constitution?

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    Most common reason why people go to court is: Traffic Tickets

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    After becoming a country, our first laws were called:

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US Government Questions & Answers

What are the dirtiest secrets the U.S. Government has hidden?
The US has hidden many dirty secrets which have eventually come out into the open. And, I’m sure there are more secrets we will learn about in future years. One that I find particularly interesting given President’s Trump’s ongoing
Which of the following is not a national holiday?
Boxing day-this one can be confusing. the us used to celebrate both lincolns and washingtons birthdays separately, but the two holidays were combined into presidents day. since this day typically falls on or near washingtons birthday, ill call this
What was the Northwest Ordinance?
Territories would become new states, not additional territory of the neighboring state.
Which of the following is NOT a cabinet position?
1. ambassador to the united nations- the tradition of the cabinet dates back to the beginnings of the presidency itself. established in article ii, section 2, of the constitution, the cabinets role is to advise the president on any subject he may req