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Ever wondered how much do you know about the different historical events that took place to create the US Constitution? Take the online United States constitution quizzes and find out. Share the quizzes with peers to see who knows more.
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This will help you study for the U.S. Constitution test in 8th grade.

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    Which amendment states that you don't have to quarter troops in your home?


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    The Constitutional Convention was called in order to revise/replace what major document?

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    The Constitution is America's plan for ________________.

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    According to the Declaration of Independence, where does government get its power?


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    How old must a person be in order to serve in the House of Representatives?

United States Constitution Questions & Answers

Which of the following is a right guaranteed by the 5th amendment?
It is Eminent Domain, Government can take property with just compensation.
Which of the following was a power granted to the federal government under the Articles of Confederation?
You are wrong. There was no national currency dumbass.Articles of Confederation (1781-1789): The First U.S. national government1. Weak executive branch without leadership2. No national judicial branch to interpret laws and settle disputes between sta
What are the two rights given in the first amendments?
The freedom of speech and the freedom of religion.
Why are there checks and balances?
So not just one branch of government gets too much power. So powers stay balanced and divided equally.