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Politics is a constantly expanding and changing field. Different people from all walks of life came to not only improve life for their region, but also maintain order. By taking our online quiz you can expand your life.

If you can manage questions like: “What is the political spectrum?”, “What is an example of political corruption”,“Name a political policy”, “What is political science?”, and “Besides governments what other institutions use politics daily?”, then this quiz should be no problem to you. Information on politics is always useful. Don’t let anyone silence your opinion on this matter. Challenge yourself with this quiz. One of the greatest strength of politics is the power a single individual has to change things. Taking this quiz is a small step towards change.

What Is Your Political Typology? Are you interested in politics? Unsure of whether your red or blue, or where you fall on the political spectrum? Take this quiz and find out exactly how liberal or conservative you are based on...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 8382   |  Last updated: Oct 7, 2019
  • Sample Question
    What is your stance on the legalization of marijuana?

The world of politics can be a tricky one to dive into if you don’t know much about it starting, but one thing that people like to do to gauge which side of the political fence they fall on analyses some of the quotes made...

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  • Sample Question
    Q: Why haven't you spent more time here in Iowa? A: I have, I am just being coy.

Below are some trivia Facts Quiz On Indian Politics And Politicians! With the elections coming close, there is the importance of citizens to reflect on the past leaders they have had and their impact on the nation as a whole....

Questions: 15  |  Attempts: 1204   |  Last updated: Oct 7, 2019
  • Sample Question
    With what honor has Dr. Kalam been decorated, the highest honor that an Indian citizen can receive?

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 883   |  Last updated: Jan 22, 2013
  • Sample Question
    Who exercises control over the bureaucracy?

Test your political knowledge. San Francisco quiz.

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  • Sample Question
    As American working families and seniors shoulder more of the tax burden thanks to the Bush Administration, there is one candidate that would like to relieve that pressure. Which candidate currently running for president would eliminate the income tax for seniors earning less than $50,000 annually?

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Politics Questions & Answers

Can North and South Korea ever be united diplomatically?
Possibly. Ever since Kim Jong Un stepped into South Korea to meet Moon-Jae, things have changed. Historically speaking, there have been a lot of injustices between the two countries, making unification seem like a long shot. Speaking for the current
Will Nuclear Weapons ever be used again?
Nuclear weapons are those that actually are from a nuclear reaction. Even though a nuclear bomb may seem minor compared to what people think of it, the result of this bomb exploding actually sends large amounts of nuclear energy and radiation into th
Why is it that the most malnourished countries in Africa also happen to be the most fertile?
I know this terrible anomaly is difficult to understand but fields full of potentially nutritious food source is no help if the population is far in excess of the content of the fertile fields, or if costant civil war aborts all the country's wealth.
What was the reason behind Britain's decision to opt out of the European Union?
In June 2017, Great Britain decided to leave the European Union. The European Union includes about 28 countries or nations from Europe. They conduct political and economical business for Europe. Some of the things that they do include trade and movem