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    In Hong Kong, you and your counterpart share a cup of tea. During the negotiations, you notice that he keeps moving his cup either closer to you or further away. Why?

Annual Mandatory

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    There is no cultural diversity present at Healthbridge.

Equality and diversity are essential in all aspects of our lives and work which includes gender, race and ethnicity, disability, religion, sexuality, class, and age. A successful organization believes in the implementation of...

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    Which of the following is not a benefit of diversity?

Quiz to touch on different aspects of diversity.

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    The first alarm clock was made by a black mathematician.

If you are a team leader and wish to get the best out of a group project, one thing you need to pay attention to is the people who make up the group. A group should be made up of individuals who are different yet can still make a...

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     When analyzing and adapting group member diversity, you should consider members'

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Diversity Questions & Answers

Did the grocery store break any laws not hiring John based on his disability? John, who is disabled, applied for a job at a local grocery store. John went through the expected pre-employment...
Transparency is the word. They are not under compulsion to employ though but he should politely be told why he may not be fit to do that job. Fair Play and Fair Employment. It should be stated clearly in the CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT who is expected
What is the difference between Diversity and Inclusion?
Diversity and inclusion are two English words with a different meaning, but they might seem related most notably in their usage. Diversity is an English word that talks about the quality of being diverse or different in relation to things that are no