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We hear the words “foreign policy” on the news and see it in articles about politics all the time. But do you really know what it means? Foreign policy is about more than just being friends with that country and not getting along with the other one. Do you know some examples of foreign policy strategies, such as expansionist or protectionist?
Do you know the three types of treaty-related law? Are you aware of what region the US shares a hub-and-spoke policy with and what region is multilateral? Foreign policy is a complicated subject, involving international relations, economic and military strategy, and human rights concerns. Try our quizzes and your foreign policy knowledge. 
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This is for my 3 Political Science 101 exam. This covers the judiciary system and Foreign policy.

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    What is the term of a Federal Court judge?

Take the quiz and see how much you've learned from our presentation

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    President Teddy Roosevelt's philosophy was known as

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    The National Security Advisor is powerful for all of the following reasons except:

Type description here.

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    What institution did U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Khalilzad turn to when he needed a profile of Nuri Al Maliki to decide whether he was a suitable person to back as Prime Minister?

This one is about espionage, everyone's favorite topic.

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    Its 2007. You are POTUS and planning the surge strategy in Iraq and want to better understand insurgent movements and communications in order to craft an overall COIN strategy. Eavesdropping on insurgent cell phone conversations will be key to collecting intelligence. What agency do you turn to?

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Foreign Policy Questions & Answers

What should be the US priority in Syria? Fighting the Islamic State or ending the civil war?
In my opinion, the United States (US) should never have gotten involved in Syria in the first place. The crisis in Syria started as a peaceful protest by Syrian’s citizens against a lack of freedom and economic problems caused by Assad's author
What do you see as the key to the US-Mexico relation?
I think the key to the US-Mexico relationship is immigration and for President Trump to stop talking and tweeting about having Mexico pay for the border wall. A wall is not needed but Trump and Mexico do need to cooperate on border protection. Trump
When will anyone in Israel or Palestine try something different?
It merits recalling that resistance to Israel's settlements has been a reliable EU policy since 1977, when what was then called the EC, first began to censure them. In spite of the way that resistance to Israel's settlements likely is the most accord
Would the US involvement in Syria change under the Trump administration?
Well, now that Trump has been elected, theoretically it should be easier to describe not how the US involvement in Syria would change but how it has changed. Unfortunately, if you want to believe in the “fake news” media, Trump has change
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