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Did you know when the first news was broadcast? Media has become a predominant part of our lives. Spreading a message to a wider audience, media has the ability to influence people. Try taking our specially created online media quizzes, if you wish to enhance knowledge in this area.
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We are all more or less vulnerable to the influence of mass media. Test your skills to see how discerning you are when it comes to news and information. Are you really as critical and aware as you think? Or do you trust what you...

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    International Literacy Day is celebrated around the world each year on September 8th. In what year was this day established by the United Nations Educations, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)?

This will serve as a study aid in preparation for the EMS 3O exam in 2009.

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    The term "media" is defined as ... follows AP style for print and online. The questions below are the kinds of style questions you might encounter from time to time on the job. Check the boxes next to the answer you think is correct.

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    He ordered ___________ worth of cookies from Corner Bakery.

Media bias quiz.

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    An editor can express a bias by choosing to use or not to use a specific news item. What kind of bias is this?

Thanks to the high-level technology, the media industry has risen to be one of the most successful ones in our times. However, so much happens behind the scenes. The quiz below tests on media planning concepts.

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    Which of the following statements is/are True or False? i) Reach is a measure of how many times the avarage person in the target market is exposed to the message. ii) The media planner has to know the reach, frequency, and impact of each of the major media types.

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Media Questions & Answers

How much does it cost to print in black and white?
Basic black and white copies cost $0.10, while enhanced copies in black and white can cost $0.12. A low-grade color can cost $0.25, and the best option, which is the color pack, costs $0.49 per page. Color copies will always be more expensive than bl
What is the difference between VCD and SVCD?
The VCD is known as Video Compact Disc. While SVCD means Super Video CD, they are somewhat similar to each other, but the main difference is that the SVCD can offer greater video quality as compared to the VCD. The type of video that the SVCD offers
What is the difference between Multimedia and Hypermedia?
Multimedia is the combination of computers or specific devices that are used to text, audio, video, or message someone. It could also be animation, collaborative features, and still images. Hypermedia, on the other hand, is an example of multimedia w
What is the difference between NBC and MSNBC?
NBC and MSNBC belong to the same group, which caters to news, entertainment, sports, and so on, but there are still some differences between them. NBC stands for the national broadcasting corporation, is a television network that is based in the Uni
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