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"And in breaking news...a quizzer no longer has all the answers!". What will you do? Will you belive everything you hear, or will you do something to prove the media wrong? Welcome to the quiz on all things media! In these quizzes, there is radio, there is television, there is film, there is news, there is magazines.

Everything and everyone in the know are here! But do you know? Are you in fact, in the know? With questions like "When was the first news broadcast?', "What does news mean?", "Which film was highest grossing ever?" and "Did video kill the radio star?", There's questions for each and every one of you. Whether you're a TV boffin, a magazine follower or a music nut, there's something for everyone to read, see and watch. Don't believe everything you see - not everything you see online and in the news is the truth. However, the quiz results are!

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  • What are the 2 reasons state materials are kept protected from the public?

  • Which are examples of press NOT being free? (select all that apply)

  • Journalisted harassed, jailed, expelled, and killed is a mesure of how free a country or regions press is. How many journalists were jailed in 2017 worldwide?

  • Which sub-culture does the website cover?

  • Which of the following languages is NOT offered on the website?

  • When was the website originally launched?

  • In 2009, kids ages 11 to 14 spent the most time with this type of media:
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  • Who spends more time browsing the Internet, teens (ages 12 to 17) or adults?
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  • What is a mash-up?
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  • True or False.  The Gutenberg Printing Press allowed for the 'mass production' of media texts.  
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  • Which of the following are types of print media?  Tick 1 or more.
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  • Radio is one of the first forms of media communication.
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