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Whoever came up with Facebook was a genius...right? Can you name the maker of Facebook? If you have it, how much do you know about it? Do you know what the first apps on there was? Do you know when Facebook was started?

If you do, then I think it's time to take these quizzes and share the answer with all your friends on your wall! Maybe you play Farmville, maybe you use it for sharing photos or joining groups? Either way, it's time to share what you know, prove you know, and compare your results with your friends! Don't make us poke you to get you started!
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    Targeting and Placement specifications are set at which level?

Well, the title above is enough to recognize. Every single child is aware of it. It's none other than 'Facebook'. Facebook is an online social networking service company which is based in Menlo...

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    Who was the creator of Facebook?

Test your knowledge of Facebook, which Jose Antonio Vargas writes about in the September 20, 2010, issue of The New Yorker.

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    Before Mark Zuckerberg, whom Jose Antonio Vargas writes about in this week’s magazine, created Facebook, he worked on another site. What was it called?

Are you keeping up with the conversations about Facebook? How about the terms? The jokes? Test your knowledge.  

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    About how many people worldwide have a Facebook account?

Social media is used mostly to keep up with friends and family acting as a substitute to personal face-to-face communication. Take the quiz below to figure out what type of a Facebook person you are.

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    Which of these scenarios would most likely incite you to change your Facebook status:

Facebook Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Facebook and hi5?
There was a time when there was a social networking site that was called hi5 that became popular at the same time that Facebook also started to become more popular all over the world. People cannot help but compare the two at that time because they b
What is preventing the sales representative from accessing detailed information on the contact’s Facebook page? Universal Containers has enabled Social Accounts and Contacts. When a sales...
Bullshit. Answer 4 is right. This is already my forth question that is wrong in this questionaire and I proofed it with Salesforce helps, but were not able to post links. Take that shit down!
Where can you leave public messages for your friends on Facebook?
The place where you can leave messages is through the person’s wall. Take note that the wall of the person you are going to send a message to may not always be visible. It will depend on the person’s privacy settings. If the person is you
How can I find out if someone deleted a Messenger message?
This question is unclear. Do you want to know if someone deleted a messenger message from your account? Or do you want to know if someone deleted a messenger message from their own account after you sent the message to them? Either way, the answer is