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  • What is preventing the sales representative from accessing detailed information on the contact’s Facebook page? Universal Containers has enabled Social Accounts and Contacts. When a sales...
    What is preventing the sales representative from accessing detailed information on the contact’s Facebook page? Universal Containers has enabled Social Accounts and Contacts. When a sales...
    Bullshit. Answer 4 is right. This is already my forth question that is wrong in this questionaire and I proofed it with Salesforce helps, but were not able to post links. Take that shit down!

  • Where can you leave public messages for your friends on Facebook?
    Where can you leave public messages for your friends on Facebook?
    The place where you can leave messages is through the person’s wall. Take note that the wall of the person you are going to send a message to may not always be visible. It will depend on the person’s privacy settings. If the person is your friend and you can access his wall, you can leave a message there that will be seen by everyone whom he has allowed to see his wall. If in case you truly want to say something to a person, sending a private message may sometimes be more effective. It will depend on how important the message is. Different social media sites have different methods of allowing people to communicate with each other.

  • How to delete facebook account?
    How to delete facebook account?
    You can temporarily deactivate your account and choose again at any time, when you want it. To deactivate your account: Click account settings on the top right of any Facebook page. Select Settings. Click General in the left column. Click Manage your account, then click Disable your account and follow the instructions to confirm. When your account is taken: No one can see your profile. Some information, such as messages that you send to friends, may also be seen. Your friend might be looking at your name on their friends list. Your name can only be seen by your friends, and only from their friends list. The group admin can still see your posts and comments, along with your name. Hope you choose to keep Messenger active or when you are entering Messenger when deactivating your Facebook account, Messenger will remain active. Learn about Messenger privacy. When you change your Facebook account, you still have Messenger: You can still chat with friends on Messenger. Your Facebook profile photo will be used in conversations on Messenger. Other people can find you to send a message to you. If you want to return to Facebook after the account has been disabled, you can reactivate your account at any time by logging in to Facebook or using a Facebook account to log in to another site. Remember, you must have access to the email or cell phone number used for the login to be activated.

  • What is the difference between Facebook and hi5?
    What is the difference between Facebook and hi5?
    There was a time when there was a social networking site that was called hi5 that became popular at the same time that Facebook also started to become more popular all over the world. People cannot help but compare the two at that time because they believe that the two are similar. Upon closer inspection, people realized that Facebook comes with more security features. This probably explains why there are some people who chose to make accounts with Facebook more as compared to hi5. What a lot of people do not know is hi5 has been around much longer than the other social networking sites. It only became noticed at that time because of Facebook.

  • What is the difference between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group?
    What is the difference between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group?
    Facebook is one of the social media platforms that are available unto us nowadays. This can be used to interact with people within and across our countries, including the means of the Facebook group and Facebook page. Nevertheless, the Facebook group is different from the Facebook page in many ways. They both allow us to connect to public figures, organizations, businesses, and other entities in other to create a public and an authentic existence on Facebook. Facebook group can be designed to bring a set of people together for a common purpose, target, or goal; but the Facebook page can be wider in range, and more useful in gathering and targeting fans. Though the Facebook page is opened to all, the group can be set closed, open, or secret. In a Facebook group, members can be added by the existing group members, but the Facebook page does not allow this. We can view and chat members on the Facebook group, but not expressly permitted on the page.

  • Why did Mark Zuckerberg force Eduardo Saverin out of Facebook?
    Why did Mark Zuckerberg force Eduardo Saverin out of Facebook?
    Mark Zuckerberg forced his original co-founder, Eduardo Saverin, out of Facebook in 2005, basically because Zuckerberg felt Saverin wasn’t participating in the business as much as he should have. 'TheFacebook' (which it was known as, in the early days of its inception) was formed as a limited liability company under Florida law. In the summer of 2004, Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard and moved to Palo Alto, California, to work on the business while Saverin graduated from Harvard and moved to New York to work as an intern at Lehman Brothers. During this time, the two grew apart and had significant differences about funding and running the company. Zuckerberg needed more money and he eventually formed a new company under Delaware law which bought the old company and, redistributed company shares so that Saverin’s portion went from 30% to 24%. The company then went Public and Saverin’s shares were reduced further, to below 10%. They eventually settled everything in the court, leaving Zuckerberg as the head of the company and Saverin very rich.

  • Why did Mark Zuckerberg choose PHP to make Facebook?
    Why did Mark Zuckerberg choose PHP to make Facebook?
    Mark Zuckerberg probably choose to build Facebook using PHP because it was, and still is, one of the easiest programming languages to learn and to get something working quickly. Other possible reasons may be that PHP was, and still is, very common in terms of its availability in hosting packages. Also, there was a lot of documentation available and not a lot of strict standards that needed to be adhered to. Who knows for sure? Maybe someone should ask him. Is it possible he was taking a PHP programming class at Harvard and needed to use PHP in a project?

  • Why can't I change the name of my Facebook page?
    Why can't I change the name of my Facebook page?
    You can change the name of your Facebook page but in order to do so, you need to be an admin for that page. If you originally created the Page, you automatically become the Page’s admin. If you’re not sure if you are the admin, you can check by clicking “Settings” at the top of your page followed by “Page Roles” in the left. Once you confirm, then you just click “About” on the left side of your Page, click “Edit” next to your Page’s name, enter a new Page name and click “Continue”, then click “Request Change”. It’s worth noting that if you don’t see the option to edit your page's name, it may be because this option isn’t available yet in your location, there may be limits on your Page, or you are trying to change the name of a Regional Page that falls under a Global Page.

  • What are some of the best pics uploaded on Facebook till date?
    What are some of the best pics uploaded on Facebook till date?
    The best pics uploaded on Facebook to date, is a very hard question to answer because it is asking for an opinion. An opinion is a belief or judgment, so what I may think is “best” may be completely different from what you think is best. For example, I love pictures of outer space, nature and animals. You may like architecture, abstract photographs, or things like automobiles, bicycles, furniture, and so on. In addition, some of the best pics on Facebook may be private and you would never even be able to see them!

  • Who has the highest number of friends on Facebook?
    Who has the highest number of friends on Facebook?
    I believe Facebook now limits the number of friends anyone can have on their Facebook timelines to no more than 5,000. You may be able to convert your personal account to a Page and then you are not limited to 5,000. There are quite a few people who have 5,000 friends and a lot of these are celebrities like Shakira, Eminem, and Rihanna. However, it is interesting to note that a scientist by the name of Robin Dunbar, has a theory that only a maximum of 150 friendships can be handled by a part of the human brain known as the neocortex.

  • What happens to your Facebook account if you die?
    What happens to your Facebook account if you die?
    Before you die, you can indicate what you want Facebook to do with your account after your death. You can choose to have your account deleted or memorialized by setting a legacy contact. If you do not set a legacy contact before you die, Facebook will remove your account but they will need documentation from an immediate family member or the executor of your account before they will do it. Facebook says the quickest way is to provide a scan or photo of a death certificate. Other items that will be accepted include: power of attorney, birth certificate, last will and testament, or an estate letter, and either an obituary or memorial card. You also have the option of asking that your loved one’s account be removed or memorialized.

  • Why hasn't Facebook introduced a "who viewed my profile" feature?
    Why hasn't Facebook introduced a "who viewed my profile" feature?
    As far as I know, Facebook has never made a feature to allow you to see who viewed your profile and the reason has to do with privacy. There are many YouTube videos that claim to show you how to tell, but many of the softwares used in these videos have been reported to contain malware or other viruses, so don’t try to follow their directions. Several of these videos will provide instructions for how to find something called “InitialChatFriendsList” but all that information will show you is a list of Facebook ID numbers which can be used to find the person’s profile but it only shows you people with whom you’ve already had contact.

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