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What is the Internet?
I do not believe this is correct, internet is not only used by computers, internet is a network communication between people around the world, were you can share memories, information and business publishing.
What is the difference between Hub and Modem?
The purpose of a hub is to connect a network of personal computers, and they can be linked through a central hub. A modem is how we can connect to the internet. A single computer can use a modem. A modem is a hardware appliance that converts data int
What does "https" indicate in a URL address?
When we send data over the Internet, it is encrypted. HT stands for hypertext, and the next T stands for transfer. That is, the textual information we are sending is being transferred to the recipient as hypertext. The following letter, P, stands for
What is the internet?
Computers that are all linked together in a network.