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Related Topics

  • What is the Internet?
    What is the Internet?
    I do not believe this is correct, internet is not only used by computers, internet is a network communication between people around the world, were you can share memories, information and business publishing.

  • What does "https" indicate in a URL address?
    What does "https" indicate in a URL address?
    When we send data over the Internet, it is encrypted. HT stands for hypertext, and the next T stands for transfer. That is, the textual information we are sending is being transferred to the recipient as hypertext. The following letter, P, stands for Protocol. This is a system of rules that we apply so that all using it know how things are to be done. The last letter - S - stands for secure. URLs used to be merely HTTP and then the WWW. Now they are HTTPS in recognition of the ever-increasing invasion by unwanted persons, hackers, and therefore the increasing need for more and more security when sending information over the Internet.

  • When was the Internet first discovered?
    When was the Internet first discovered?
    When the Internet was created, everyone was awestruck. What seemed like an expensive and lengthy process to speak or communicate with people all over the world, now they could easily and cheaply communicate with these all over the world and that was thanks to the Internet. The Internet was a network system through computers. It uses an Internet protocol suite. This allows devices like computers to be hooked together by networks. The actual beginnings of the Internet took place in the 1960s when packet switching took place. Over time other aspects took place to make the Internet become what it is today. It 1986, the National Science Foundation Network allowed researchers to use computer sites to interact with each other.

  • Who had the Internet first?
    Who had the Internet first?
    The initial idea of the Internet is credited toLeonard Kleinrockafter he published his first paper entitled "Information Flow in Large Communication Nets" on May 31, 1961. In 1962, J.C.R.Lickliderbecame the first Director of IPTO and gave his vision of a galactic network.

  • What is the difference between Wi-Fi and 3G?
    What is the difference between Wi-Fi and 3G?
    Wi-Fi and 3G are both wireless technologies which provide high-speed internet access for their users as long as they are connected. Wi-Fi means Wireless Fidelity, while 3G means third-generation technology. The first difference between Wi-Fi and 3G is that Wi-Fi is provided by a Wi-Fi router with can only cover a limited geographical area, and as long as you are within the range you will have the signal on your device. 3G, on the other hand, is provided by any of the service providers. Unlike Wi-Fi, it covers a wide range of geographical area. Once your mobile devices are connected to the base station that provides the 3G, you can easily browse the internet. While Wi-Fi is using radio frequency technology to provide its service, 3G uses a networking technology which covers a wide area. Wi-Fi is mostly used in offices, buildings to ensure the connection of every device in the building. Wi-Fi will give faster speed compared to 3G.

  • What is the benefit of using instant messaging?
    What is the benefit of using instant messaging?
    Conversation can be carried out in real time Safe controlled environment Images and files can be exchanged Inexpensive to use You can control who you talk to as you need an email address or IM address

  • What is the difference between Hub and Modem?
    What is the difference between Hub and Modem?
    Hubs and modems are used to help in the function of an internet connection. A hub device is one that is used in LANs, which are Local Area Networks. It is normally an interface between the computers and a modem. A modem is a device that allows us to connect to the internet. It can be used by one computer. It is an interface between an analog network and a digital network. Hub devices are wired, while modems are normally wireless. Working together, many modems have hubs that are built into their device. This is also due to the price drop in electronics, which can allow the hub to be built in without raising the price of the modem.

  • What is the difference between T-Mobile Internet and T-Mobile Web?
    What is the difference between T-Mobile Internet and T-Mobile Web?
    The internet has moved from desktop to laptops, and now to portable mobile phones. But there are different levels of experience one has when using the internet due to the difference in hardware through which it is accessed. T-Mobile has created two connection stages of accessing the internet, which is the T-Mobile internet and T-Mobile web. T-Mobile internet makes provision for a kind of internet connection that is exact and typical. On the contrary, T-Mobile web has some limitations to full or real internet connection, as it relatively just provides for the regular web services alone. The normal web and email can still be accessed but using programs that make use of different ports like online games and sharing programs might be hindered from connecting with the T-Mobile web. The T-Mobile web can be used through the phones and tablets, as it provides limited internet when compared to T-Mobile internet, which is more effectively used on the laptop.

  • Which one of the following best describes the difference between the Cc and Bcc fields?
    Which one of the following best describes the difference between the Cc and Bcc fields?
    BCC is not visible CC is visible as the question is stated the answer does not discribe the actual anwser. C. The Bcc recipient’s name in a mail message is NOTvisible to other recipients of the message

  • What does SMF refer to in terms of network media?
    What does SMF refer to in terms of network media?
    Fiber is spell Fiber not Fibre please correct the spelling of the word fiber

  • Is the repeal of Net Neutrality just a politically oriented move?
    Is the repeal of Net Neutrality just a politically oriented move?
    The repeal of Obama era net neutrality is a repeal of regulations and not actual law, so it is not permanent. It is possible that in the years to come the FCC of a congressional session could restore net neutrality or pass legislation to formalize it, or formally eliminating the possibility of returning. It is unlikely that the present-day Republican Congress will write net neutrality into the law. The party has generally been opposed to net neutrality regulation, which members have argued is overly burdensome. In 2015, the FCC ruled in favor of net neutrality by reclassifying broadband as a common carrier under Title II of the Communicatory Act of 1934 and section 706 of the Telecommunications Act of 1966. Currently, the FCC still voted in favor of repeal.

  • Which of the following protocols is used to encrypt packets over the Internet?
    Which of the following protocols is used to encrypt packets over the Internet?
    Https-2. e. ssh-in the scenario you should consider making use of https because https allows browsers and servers to sign, authenticate, and encrypt an http message. you additionally can also make use of ssh because the secure shell (ssh) protocol is used to establish a secure telnet session over a standard tcp/ ip connection. you should keep in mind that ssh is also used to run programs on remote systems, log in to other systems, and move files from one system to another whilst maintaining a strong, encrypted connection. incorrect answers: a: you should not consider making use of sip because all of the um magic depends on sip communications between a pbx and the exchange um server. you should keep in mind when a call comes in to the pbx that the recipient does not answer after a defined interval, the pbx attempts to handle the call by routing it somewhere. c: you should not consider making use of the smtp protocol because the protocol is used to allow for a simple e-mail service responsible for forwarding and receiving messages. smtp servers typically make use of the pop or imap protocol. d: you should not consider making use of the simple network management protocol (snmp) comptia n10-004: practice exam pass any exam. any time. - 59 protocol because the protocol is used to allow network administrators to collect information about the network. the protocol can additionally be used for collecting information about devices on the network which includes hubs, routers, and bridges.

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