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Congratulations! You’ve won! Click here to claim your prize! You are among the lucky winners! Download free HD movies now.... We all get these and most of us do not click them. If you do think about clicking on these then maybe you need to know more about internet security. Luckily, we have our new internet security quiz right here to help you get started.

Let’s see a few of the challenges: What does a firewall basically control? When executed, what does a virus do? What type of malware is the one known as “Beast”? Which antivirus is often cited as the most downloaded antivirus program? Get ready for a quiz that will challenge all your knowledge on internet security.
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What makes a strong password? How long would it take an intruder to crack a 10 character password? And How many times can I use a super strong password?Think you know the answers? Find out here!

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    Which of the following is the most commonly used (and therefore the weakest) password?

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    This technique tries to take information from the user, but the user actively gave the information. Common things taken are credit cards, usernames, passwords, and home addresses.


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    Which of the following is the definition of a computer worm?  

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    What type of things posted online can affect your future?  Click all answers that apply.

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    When traveling for business:


Internet Security Questions & Answers

What I can do on the Internet when I'm home, but I'm at a friend's house? Should I go by my parents' rules or do whatever my friend does?
Stick to your parents rule-no matter where you are, stick to your parents rules because those rules are there to keep you safe. those rules may seem annoying and useless; but theyre there to keep you safe online. if you break those rules you may acci
What is the tracking number used in?
Tracking numbers are used when it comes to shipping. When packages are being shipped, the packages would be assigned numbers for the purpose of recognition. There are some deliveries that are really time-sensitive, and tracking numbers help in knowin
What is the most commonly used (and therefore the weakest) password?
123456According to recent analysis 123456 is the most commonly used password[1], however; these passwords all appear on Twitters list of 370 banned passwords[2] and should be avoided at all costs! Common passwords are amongst the first passwords to b
Are password Reminder functions in applications unsafe and should be avoided?
FalsePassword hints and reminders can help to jog your memory and help to avoid creating another password. If you can create your own password hint make sure it only makes sense to you. It should never contain your password. If you use a serv
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