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Are you behind a firewall? Think your network is safe from attacks? Or perhaps you yourself are a smart hacker ready to infiltrate our answer database and come up with the appropriate solutions to our questions. It’s time for a quiz unlike any other. Network Security is here and you have to pass the test.

How are trojans usually transmitted? What does a firewall do? Which one was the first well-known worm, that infected SunOS and VAX BSD systems back in 1988? What are some important steps large governments have to take to ensure security management for networks? What does a denial-of-service attack do? You’re almost there. Just a few more questions and you’ll be regarded as a network security whizz-kid. All the best!
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Needed a practice session on the RouterOS of MikroTik? Well, here we have got you this essential quiz related to the topic. It has questions on network configurations, functionality, and all kind of technical stuff of the title....

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    Action = Redirect is applied in:

Below are Important Trivia Questions on Network Security that every network operator should be able to answer with ease. Do you think you have what it takes to do just that? Do take the quiz up and share what score you get in the...

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    In computer security, ……………………. means that computer system assets can be modified only by authorized parities.

Network security fundamentals quiz covering chapter one. multiple choice questions and fill in the blank.

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        TLS offers stronger protection than SSL.  True or false?


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    What is a standalone computer?

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    Most network threats originate from which of the following?

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Network Security Questions & Answers

What network on the router with outgoing interface?
The answer to this is A. The masquerade rule is known to be a type of filtering rule. It is possible that this will be used in order to filter out the details that are not needed in that certain interface. Take note that the datagrams that will be re
What is the difference between Cyber Security and Network Security?
A network consists of two or more interconnected computers that share devices and information. They may access a more massive computer which contains all of the company's data. Cybersecurity involves technologies and processes to protect computers, n
Why is it useful to set a Radio Name on the radio interfaces?
To identify a station in a list of connected clients. ...thats the answer!!!
What do you know about Winbox?
There are some people who are still not familiar with Winbox. Now is the time that you will learn more details about it. Winbox is a small utility. It makes sure that the use of Mikrotik Router OS will be possible but only if it would be used with a
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