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  • In a bull market, a _____ level is an area that price has difficulty breaking through to the downside
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  • How many tops or bottoms does it take to confirm a trend?
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  • Choose the most accurate description for the term ‘PIP’.
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  • Do you remember the last time you changed the furnace filter?
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  • How often do you find yourself misplacing your car keys, wallet, glasses, or some other essential?
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  • Sometimes you don't get a bill paid on time.
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  • [RA] An Oath of a Professional Broker, binds himself/herself to solemnly swear in conscience to the following, except:
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  • [RA] Which body shall adopt a National Code of Ethics and Responsibilities to be strictly observed by all licensed real estate practitioners?
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  • [RA] __________________ is a situation in which a person is faced with a possible decision in an official capacity from which he/she stands to benefit personally because of a relationship.
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