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Maintenance Questions & Answers

What should full load amps (on a water heater thermostat) range between?
15 - 19.5 is the correct answer. Water heating is considered to be a heat transfer process in which an energy source is used to heat the water at a temperature that is higher than its initial temperature. Normally, there are many different domestic u
Which side is the condenser a part of?
A Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning System, known as HVAC, uses a condenser to precipitate steam vapors into a liquid. As shown in the picture above, steam enters the top of the vessel, passes over and around the coil piping. The liquid contained
How many 4 inch x 4 inch ceramic tiles would it take to cover a 120 square foot area?
There are 12 inches in a foot, since the tiles are 4 inches on each side. It will take 3 tiles to get a foot. Therefore it will take 9 (33) tiles to make a square foot. Since you need to cover 120 square foot area, you multiple the total square foo
What is one purpose of shutoff valves on the compressor during installation and when servicing?
Due to safety reasons, many appliances and machines have an emergency shutoff valves in case there is a problem. For instance, at a gas station, there is a shutoff valve in the store where the clerk can instantly shut off the gas in case someone driv