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Not everyone has the ability to deal with maintenance issues in the house. If you are capable you need a license to practice that you can get through passing the comprehensive exam. Are you planning on taking your exams? Take...

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    On a 110-volt circuit, the hot wire is normally:

Thank you for taking our Maintenance Technician Test. If you can tackle it, you will have no problems passing your finals exams that are around the corner. You will have no more than 20 minutes to complete the quiz. All the best,...

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    When placing an order for a passage door, which of the below must be considered?

Design, Operation and Maintenance of Building systems.

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    The direct expansion refrigerent HVAC system commonly used in newer one to three story office buildings is the:

Landscape Maintenance / Ornamental and Turf

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    Failure to correctly identify a pest can lead to:

Jahrid Ellis & Emma WilliamsMrs. WilliamsonJanuary 13th, 2017

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    What can the battery do?


Maintenance Questions & Answers

What is one purpose of shutoff valves on the compressor during installation and when servicing?
Due to safety reasons, many appliances and machines have an emergency shutoff valves in case there is a problem. For instance, at a gas station, there is a shutoff valve in the store where the clerk can instantly shut off the gas in case someone driv
Which side is the condenser a part of?
A Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning System, known as HVAC, uses a condenser to precipitate steam vapors into a liquid. As shown in the picture above, steam enters the top of the vessel, passes over and around the coil piping. The liquid contained
What color is a hot wire on a 110-volt circuit?
The correct answer to this question is Black, or Red. All line voltage has three conductors. One of those three is the hot wire. It is used to provide a 120 VAC current source. The other three conductors are called neutral and ground wires. Neutral w
What is the best way to check the seal on an oven door?
To check the seal on an oven door, the best way is to place a sheet of paper between the door and the oven. Close the paper and try to pull out the paper from the door. if you are able to pull out the paper, then there is a space in the seal and if y
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