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  • For most people, the largest protion of their personal income comes from:
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  • When a person rents an apartment, who benefits from the transaction?
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  • When deciding which of two items to purchase, you should always:
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  • The phenomenon of scarcity stems from the fact that
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  • The opportunity cost of going to college is
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  • The opportunity cost of an item is
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  • Inflation increases the average level of prices. What does this statement refers to? 1. The price of commodities exceeds income 2. In real terms, the Money supply grows at a higher rate than the Gross Domestic ProductSelect the correct answer

  • What is the purpose of central & state warehousing corporations?

  • As per Census 2011, which Indian state has made significant progress in total literacy. Additionally, this state has the widest gap between male & female literacy. Identify it from the given options.

  • Who made the use of energy requirements (calorie) as a measure of poverty in India the first time?

  • What is the fastest increasing component of the Central Government expenditure?

  • What does 'Brown Agenda' refers to?