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What are the determinants of YED?
YED is written in Java which is a computer programming language, but YED is a diagramming program that is intended to be used generally. Just like it says, this diagramming program allows the users to draw diagrams on the computers. These diagrams co
Where (at what mark) should a third mass of 0.30 kg be hung to keep the stick in balance? A uniform meter stick is supported by a knife edge at the 50-cm mark and has masses of 0.40 kg and...
The correct answer is 30 cm. Solution:- This question is based on torque. Torque = (distance from the pivot point) x (mass) For balancing, we need the torques to be equal on both sides of the ruler. First weight for the torque is 0.40kg and at the
What does income elasticity tend to be with basic food items like bread and milk?
For basic food items such as bread and milk, income elasticity tends to be close to zero. Income elasticity is a term that is used very commonly in economics. It is a measure of the responsiveness of a demanded quantity of a product in comparison to