Integumentary System Quizzes & Trivia

The human body is an incredible thing, comprising so many separate parts and systems that work in perfect synergy with each other. Perhaps the most visible part of the human body is the integumentary system. It includes the skin, hair, nails of a human, as well as things like hooves and feathers in animals.
Are you a first class student when it comes to anatomy and biology? Then show the world how much you know with our integumentary system quizzes. The integumentary system includes sensory receptors, but what are they designed to detect? How does it help to control the temperature of the body? What's the middle layer of skin called? Somebody can answer all these and more, is it you?
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In this quiz, we’ll be taking a look at an often-understated biological study – the integumentary system, whereby the skin and its associated appendages act to protect our bodies from harm. What can you tell us in...

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    How many major regions are in the skin?

You will be quizzed on root words, prefixes, suffixes, abbreviations, and definitions of words pertaining to the Integumentary System.

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    Define the prefix 'sub-'.

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    A nurse is providing education to the family of a client scheduled for discharge. The client, who has severe cognitive impairments, is a recent quadriplegic. The family has questions about the need to perform range-of-motion of exercises with the client. What information should the teaching session include? Select all that apply.

Questions about the skin. Apparently linked to the "Adolescence" case unit, don't know why... Also a few questions about wound healing linked to the "Childhood" case unit.

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    This is another name for the subcutaneous layer.

This quiz will test your knowledge of the class discussion on skin and its outgrowths.

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    The type of skin cancer that is characterized by an ulceration is


Integumentary System Questions & Answers

What are the differences between dilation and constriction process?
Cooling and warming Heat and cold receptors are located in the skin. When the temperature of the body rises, the hypothalamus sends nerve signals which cause dilation of the blood vessels in the skin, allowing more blood to flow into the area, so tha
Which layer is the stratum basale in the photo?
The answer should be E. The stratum bassale is a single layer of cuboidal cells attached to the basement membrane. The basement membrane is the pink, thin, strand like tissue immediately below the layer of cells labelled E. The cells labelled F are v
How many major regions are there in the human skin(and what are they)?
Epidermis and dermis. However, hypodermis is not considered as a part of the skin
Which one of the following is not true of the pigment melanin?
1. Decreases in concentration within cells during exposure to the sunOur melanocytes would produce more to protect us from the sun (Thats how we tan)