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How much do you know about the human body? Can you reel off all those Latin names that sound like the script of ‘Pompeii’? Well hopefully you have a wide body of knowledge and it won’t be a case of you needing any paper tissues after trying our trivia quiz about tissues in the human body. Just the truth please, no tissue of lies required here.

If you know your stuff then you won’t need to be exercising all those neural tissues though you might need to flex some of your muscle tissues when you celebrate coming top of our quiz. Can you name the different types of tissues in the human body? What are the epithelial tissues? What type of tissues form the brain and spinal cord? If you can answer questions like those then you’re well on the way to proving that you know all there is to know about the tissues in your body, so take our quiz today.

Body tissues conclusively make up body organs and various parts. Basically, there are four types of tissues: nervous, muscle, epithelial, and connective. Each consists of specialized cells grouped together according to structure...

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Living organisms normally have a very complex body composition. Of the many organs, parts and fluids, we have the body tissues. This quiz is specifically designed to test and enhance your knowledge on body tissues. All the best...

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  • Sample Question
    Name this tissue 

There are four main types of tissues in the human body, muscle, epithelial, connective and nervous. Each is made of specialized cells that are grouped together according to structure and function. Are you a someone good at...

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A tissue possesses similar shape and functions, and there are different types of tissues found in various organs like epithelial, connective, muscular, and nervous tissue. This quiz has been developed to test your knowledge about...

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  • Sample Question
    How many types of epithelium are there?

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Tissue Questions & Answers

What type of body tissue is shown here?
This is obviously stratified cuboidal epithelium. 
What are fibroblasts?
Fibroblasts are typical cells that lead to stromal repair in an organ. Fibroblasts play a critical role in healing wounds and are the most common cells found in connective tissue. These cells are long flat elongated cells. They secrete both several t
Which among theFollowing is correct? While doing work and running, you move your organs like hands, legs, etc.
Skeletal muscles are connected to bones with tendons. When someone moves their hands or legs, the bones move. First, the skeletal muscles contract. This pulls the tendon to move the bones. These muscles are considered to have voluntary control. Somet
Which muscle tissue contains branching cells?
Human Anatomy Michael P. McKinley Page 110 Table 4.12 Skeletal Muscle Tissue Structure: .....unbranched....