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What is the difference between Antigen and Pathogen?
Antigens are molecules that can induce an immune response. They are proteins that are found at the surface of a pathogen. Antigens are often foreign, and they are unique to a specific pathogen. When an antigen present to the body, the immune (defense
Why do my eyes get watery when my nose gets hit?
Lacrimal fluid or tears produced by tear ducts flow either when a person experiences a very strong emotion or as a natural process to clean or lubricate eyes. Tears are secreted through two openings, the eyes and the nostrils. This happens because te
How do the skeletal and muscular systems work together?
The muscules are connected to the bones, so when the nerves tell the muscle to contract or relax it moves the bone(s) causing movement. When you go limp, its simply because no-thing is stimulating the nerve that makes the muscle contract.
What is the name of the system that involves the heart and its chambers?
The cardiovascualr and circualatory are the exact sameanswers, so you should change them