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We can hear you screaming for more quizzes and we are bringing you one more this time. Everybody knows the ear is the organ that is responsible for hearing but do you know the other basic thing that the thing does? Let’s hear you giving all the answers to the questions that are to follow. But before we get to the trivia let’s see these sample questions that we have ready:  In most mammals, the visible ear is a flap of tissue and it is called what?

What are the three main components of the human ear? It consists of the curving outer rim (the helix), the inner curved rim (the anti helix), and opens into the ear canal and it is called what? Find the right answers and win first prize.
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Have you been having pain from an ear infection that will come on fast without improving for several days? This may be due to a couple of reasons and one way to self-diagnose that pain is by taking this test that is designed to...

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    Does the pain get worse when you pull at your earlobe?

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    What is number 1?

Earrings are meant to go hand in hand with what you are wearing, your hairstyle or your partner’s outfit. Have you been having a tough time deciding on what to wear tomorrow on your big prom night? Worry no more as the...

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    What is your hair color?


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    How you inspect the Ear?

This quiz test comprehension of how the ear functions.

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    In the nerve cells, the sound waves change to ___________________that race along nerve cells to the brain.

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Ear Questions & Answers

How often should I clean my ears?
People tend to clean their ears out way too often. They are actually doing more harm than good when cleaning with a swab. The earwax is being pushed back into the canal for the most part. Some professionals say that there is no need to clean the ear
Do women look good after ear piercing?
Personally, I think it all depends upon the age of the woman and the look she is trying to cultivate, and there are also several different kinds of ear piercings. For example, there is double piercing and triple piercing. A helix ear piercing is a ty
How does cleaning your ears improve hearing?
Cleaning your nose, like blowing it out and using a saline rinse in it helps to get rid of excess mucus and also moistens it so it stays healthy. Clogged noses can clog ear tubes too because the two have a connection. When your nose is stuffy, chance
How is an ear endoscopy done?
An ear endoscopy is a procedure that allows a doctor or surgeon to look inside the ear canal during surgery. It is a rigid tool that goes down into the ear canal and the doctor holds it with one hand and holds his operating tool of choice with the ot