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    რამდენი პერიკარდიული სინუსია?


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    რას მოგვაგონებს ბრონქ-ფილტვის სეგმენტის ფორმა?


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    მიუთითეთ პარიესული პლევრის ქვედა საზღვარი პარავერტებრულ ხაზზე:

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    A client is being prepared for a thoracentesis. The nurse should assist the client to which position for the procedure?

Do you wish to learn about the nerves of the thorax? The thorax also provides protection for the heart, lungs, and viscera it is located between the abdomen and the neck. I have prepared a quiz that will help you to learn more...

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    The medial pectoral nerve innervates which muscle/muscles?

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Thorax Questions & Answers

Please label the following structure:
Descending thoracic arota
Which is the initial nursing action? While changing the tapes on a newly inserted tracheostomy tube, the client coughs and the tube is dislodged.  
Grasp the retention sutures to spread the opening. If the tube is dislodged accidentally, the initial nursing action is to grasp the retention sutures and spread the open- ing. If agency policy permits, the nurse then attempts to replace the tube imm
Which position should the client be placed by the nurse? A client has just returned to a nursing unit after an above-knee amputation of the right leg.
Supine, with the residual limb supported with pillows.The residual limb is usually supported on pillows for the first 24 hours following surgery to promote venous return and decrease edema. After the first 24 hours, the residual limb usually is place
Which position for the procedure should be assisted by the nurse to the client? A client is being prepared for a thoracentesis.
Lying in bed on the unaffected side.To facilitate removal of fluid from the chest, the client is positioned sitting at the edge of the bed leaning over the bedside table, with the feet supported on a stool; or lying in bed on the unaffected side with