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  • What does your cerebellum control?
    What does your cerebellum control?
    The cerebellum gets information from the sensory systems, the spinal cord, and different parts of the brain and then controls engine developments. The cerebellum arranges deliberate developments, for example, adjust, coordination, stance, and discourse, bringing about smooth and adjusted muscular action. The cerebellum assumes a vital part in engine control, and it might likewise be engaged with some subjective capacities, for example, consideration and dialect and in addition in directing apprehension and joy reactions, however its development related capacities are the most decidedly settled. The cerebellum is an essential sect of the brain and is basically in charge of engine control. This incorporates muscle tone, harmony, and adjust as it identifies with development. Furthermore, it appears the cerebellum may really have extra capacities, including some subjective and emotional capacities

  • What does the cerebellum control?
    What does the cerebellum control?
    I stated movement and was marked as wrong, even though the question SPECIFICALLY states to name ONE function.

  • Which of the following is heavier, 100Ibs of rocks or 100lbs of feather?
    Which of the following is heavier, 100Ibs of rocks or 100lbs of feather?
    Lets keep it simple!! Since the question poses option as either this or that, we have to choose one of the options, then the answer has to be "the rocks" as 100lbs of rocks will definitely be heavier than 100lbs of feathers.

  • What is the biggest part of the brain?
    What is the biggest part of the brain?
    The cerebrum is the largest part of the brain, or answer A. This is the part of the brain that is most directly located behind the forehead. There are two hemispheres - a left and a right - that are separated by a sort of fissure of tissues. This part of the brain is responsible for a lot of the voluntary activity in the brain. It basically helps you run, walk, jump, dance, etc. Anything that isn’t necessary for a functioning body (breathing and that kind of thing) is pretty much controlled here. It also helps with smells, languages, memories, and learning in general. This is what schools are trying to engage when they teach you, but sometimes it doesn’t work out in the school’s favor.

  • What is the back part of the brain called?
    What is the back part of the brain called?
    This is bull you make it so you can like but oh if you want to dislike you have to sign in stuff you

  • What is the name of month, which have 28 days?
    What is the name of month, which have 28 days?
    All of them have 28, some have more, but ALL have at least

  • What aspect of brain activity does the cerebrum control?
    What aspect of brain activity does the cerebrum control?
    The cerebrum also known as the cortex of the brain or cerebral cortex is the largest part of the human brain, it is the outermost part of the brain that we see when we look at the brain. The cerebrum is associated with higher brain function such as thought, speech, intelligence, personality, memory, emotion, interpreting touch, vision, sensory processing and action. The cerebrum has two hemispheres (or halves). The left and the right hemisphere. It is further divided into four sections, called "lobes": the frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, and temporal lobe. Each of the lobes carry out specific functions that define the functions of the cerebrum.

  • What does brain dead mean?
    What does brain dead mean?
    Have you ever wondered why a doctor says that a person is brain-dead? Did you ever try to figure out what brain death actually means? Is brain death the same as the death of a person? You will get all your answers here one by one. Just read this answer carefully. Yes, brain death is equivalent to death. Confused? Let me explain! Most people think that death happens when our heart stops beating and our lungs stop functioning properly i.e. breathing. Reality is contradictory as it is believed that the functions of these organs can still be continued via machines after the death of a person. And it gives an illusion that the person is still alive. In such cases, doctors need to check the brain of that person as it can only analyze whether the person is still alive or not. However, doctors also turn the ventilator off to check the reality. There are some people who misinterpret brain death as coma. Actually, both are not the same. When someone is in a coma, there are chances of recovery for that person. It’s just, that person is in an unconscious state. But, in case of a brain death, that person is dead. It occurs when someone is completely on life support after a heart attack or stroke. Conclusion: Brain dead means that the brain has completely lost the brainstem function and the person is not alive, he/she is dead. It is still an unacceptable concept as many people find this concept hard to grasp.

  • When do the bats sleep? Charcoal is black, hair is black, eyes pupil is black.
    When do the bats sleep? Charcoal is black, hair is black, eyes pupil is black.
    There are many different myths and misconceptions regarding different animals. The average person thinks that he or she knows about animals because they have heard this information about this animal for such a long time that he or she knows it must be true. However, those myths are rarely accurate. Only scientists and other experts know that these myths are simply myths and are not right. One of these myths is about bats. People know that bats are charcoal black. Their hair is black and so are their pupils in their eyes. However, many people believe that bats sleep during the day and stay awake at night because they are blind. However, both are false. Bats are not blind, and they sleep at night.

  • What is the difference between Thalamus and Hypothalamus?
    What is the difference between Thalamus and Hypothalamus?
    Thalamus and hypothalamus are both found in the diencephalon of the brain, and they are certainly not the same structures. The thalamus is a cone-shaped structure located in the middle of the brain. It consists of 2 bulbs each of about 6cm in length. It functions to transfer nerve impulses collected from other parts of the brain to the cortex of the brain. It is also involved in alertness, sleep, and wakefulness. Hypothalamus is located below the thalamus, hence its name “hypo” thalamus which means under the thalamus in Greek. The hypothalamus works closely with the pituitary gland. It works by sending signals to start or stop the secretions of hormones to the pituitary gland. It consists of many small nuclei that regulate many metabolic processes in the body, such as temperature, hunger, and satiety.

  • What is below the pons?
    What is below the pons?
    The Question is not complete on the quiz screen. It seems to be a bit cut off.

  • Which lobes are located in the rear of the brain and and contain the visual cortex, which processes sight?
    Which lobes are located in the rear of the brain and and contain the visual cortex, which processes sight?
    The correct answer to this question is Occipital. There are four major lobes of the cerebral cortex in the brain of mammals. Occipital is one of those four major lobes. It is known as the visual processing center, for it contains the anatomical region of the visual cortex. There are two occipital lobes in the brain, and they are the smallest of the four lobes. They are located in the rear of the skull and are a part of the posterior cerebrum. The occipital lobe gains its name from the occipital bone which is over the lobes. These lobes are also crucial in our perception of things.

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