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This is not going to be a no-brainer. That’s because our trivia will be filled with brains and brain-related questions that will make the most important organ in your body think about it in a whole different way. We tried to keep these mildly difficult so that you won’t have to beat your brains out.

We have a wide variety of brain-teasers ready for you: Approximately how many neurons is the human brain believed to contain? What are the two types of sleeping when taking into consideration brain activity? The cortex is divided into how many lobes? You think you got the brains for this one? If yes, then why don’t you put your brain to the test and let’s see how much it knows about itself.

Is there even a point in living without a brain? Is it even possible to exist without a brain? You're only able to read this because you have a brain, neither would have this quiz existed. Except for my existentialism, the...

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    What is the biggest part of the brain?

Did you know that the brain contains more neurons than the stars in the galaxy? These are some of the things we were able to cover in class this past semester and with the finals around the corner there is need to...

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    This part is concerned with the reception and processing of sensory information from the body.

If you are a neurosurgeon, doctor or just interested in how the brain works, then this quiz is for you. The brain is quite a complex body feature, whose understanding requires a lot of attention to detail. Gauge your knowledge...

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    This structure controls thought, voluntary movement, language, reasoning and perception.

A person's brain fitness impacts their ability to learn and remember things and also has an impact on their ability to focus.How brain fit are you?  Take this quick quiz to find out!

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    Do you meet at least two new people per week?

The cerebral cortex is the most important part of our brain because it is what makes us human. It is the most highly developed part of the human brain and is responsible for thinking, perceiving, producing and understanding...

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Brain Questions & Answers

What does your cerebellum control?
The cerebellum gets information from the sensory systems, the spinal cord, and different parts of the brain and then controls engine developments. The cerebellum arranges deliberate developments, for example, adjust, coordination, stance, and discour
What does the cerebellum control?
I stated movement and was marked as wrong, even though the question SPECIFICALLY states to name ONE function.
Which of the following is heavier, 100Ibs of rocks or 100lbs of feather?
Lets keep it simple!! Since the question poses option as either this or that, we have to choose one of the options, then the answer has to be "the rocks" as 100lbs of rocks will definitely be heavier than 100lbs of feathers.
What is the biggest part of the brain?
The cerebrum is the largest part of the brain, or answer A. This is the part of the brain that is most directly located behind the forehead. There are two hemispheres - a left and a right - that are separated by a sort of fissure of tissues. This p