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The nervous system is charged with coordinating the body’s actions by transmitting signals through the network of nerve cells from one body part to the other. Just how well do you understand this system? Take up the quiz...

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    This is the job of the nervous system:

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    A female client has clear fluid leaking from the nose following a basilar skull fracture. The nurse assesses that this is cerebrospinal fluid if the fluid:

The nervous system has its role as the transmission of signals in animals to aid action coordination, while the endocrine system is involved in the regulation and control of hormones. All the best in the quiz.

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    What is NOT a function of the endocrine System?

Anatomy Chapter 10: Nervous Tissue: Nervous Tissue and Brain

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    These branching structures carry information toward the cell body of a neuron.

A quiz on The Nervous System. Material taken from Biology 30 Unit One Alberta Curriculum

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    Nerves are bundles of neurons.

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Nervous System Questions & Answers

What does the threshold level of a neuron refer?
The answer is actually supposed to be OPEN SODIUM GATES, because the threshold is the crtical level that needs to be reached to fire an action potential. Once an action potential is intiated depolarization occurs and sodium ions being to rush in the
Which of the following is not a function of the neuroglia?
Don't microglial cells phagocytize neuronal debris? I think the answer should be "Information processing"
Which major organ of the nervous system is encased in the skull?
The major organ that is encased in the skull is C. Brain. A lot of people say that the brain must be the most important organ of the body. When a person loses his/her mind, he/she will not be able to function anymore. The brain allows you to control
Which of the following structures is most asssociated with wake up?
Broca s area & reticular activating system .