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Practice quiz about neuroanatomy exam multiple choice section. Take this quiz and test your knowledge on neuroanatomy.

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  • Sample Question
    Which of the following are all interneurons?

This is the second part. this will finish the rest of the nervous system notes for 214. As always, this is based off the lecture and class note. the creator of the quiz is not responsible for the accuracy of the contents of this...

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    This part makes up of myelinated axon which are 80% lipid. 2) are glistening white in appearance. 3)called white matter

Membrane Potentials, action potentials, synaptic potentials, neurotransmitters, neurons clinical neurology: Let's take this quiz now!

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    The four lobes found within the brain are:

Basics of the structure of the system which produces cerebrospinal fluid

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    The main cell type which produces CSF is the

Neuroanatomy is the study of anatomy and the organization of the brain structure. It is an essential quiz to all those studying neurology and related studies. If you fall in this category, take it up and all the best.

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  • Sample Question
    Components of the central nervous system include all of the following except the:

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Neuroanatomy Questions & Answers

What is the lateral geniculate nucleus?
The primary relay center for visual information received from the retina of the eye
Which one of the following statements concerning nerves is not correct?
A Node of Ranvier are absent from mylenated nerve fibers in the CNS
How is Parkinson's disease characterised?
Hypokinetic disorder involving the basal ganglia; it is a progressive neurological disorder characterised by the death of dopamingeric neurons in the pars compacta of the substantia nigra. Sx ridged, slow and reduced movements