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Do you know how much blood we have inside our body? How much blood is represented by plasma? Take the online blood quizzes to get the answers and learn fabulous trivia as you play.

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As there is no substitute for human blood, Blood donation is one of the noblest of human actions; a simple gesture to help a needy stranger. If you have any apprehensions or queries on the facts of blood donation, take our...

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    Name the blood groups that are commonly termed ‘Universal Donor’ and ‘Universal Receiver’.


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    1.  The nursing student is preparing an elderly patient for surgery. The patient is scheduled for a general anesthetic. Which side effect should the nurse monitor the patient for?

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    Which chamber does oxygenated blood enter the heart first?

Magic is found in our blood and it takes a lot to unlock it so that we can practice it. There are two types of magic that a person may possess and this can either be light or dark magic. Before we get down to what type of magic...

Questions: 13  |  Attempts: 13335   |  Last updated: May 3, 2021
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    Do you have a wild imagination?

Hemodynamic monitoring is accomplished with an arterial catheter for continuous blood pressure amounts and a central venous catheter for fluid management and CVP measurements. Hemodynamics is the fluctuating aspect of blood...

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    Hemodynamic Monitoring consists of:

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Blood proteins, also termed plasma proteins, are proteins present in blood plasma. They serve many different functions, including the transport of lipids, hormones, vitamins,...

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Question:   |  Attempts: 2819   |  Last updated: Jul 13, 2021

How well do you know about hemodynamics? Do you imagine you will be able to win this quiz? As far as this quiz goes, you should know what the portion of the circulatory system with the largest cross-sectional area is, what...

Question:   |  Attempts: 1027   |  Last updated: May 28, 2021

Have you ever wondered what makes up a circulatory system and the coordination between these organs? Circulatory system is the portion of the cardiovascular system that pumps out oxygen depleted blood from the heart and pump...

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Blood is a specialized body fluid whose major function is to supply oxygen to the cells and tissues and remove carbon dioxide, transport hormones and regulate body temperatures. Just how much do you know about blood and its...

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Do you know the facts about blood? Did you know that white blood cells are necessary for pregnancy? Humans may have red blood, but other living creatures have different colored blood. Our bodies contain about a gallon of blood,...

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What do you know about blood functions? There are prominent jobs that blood has, such as transporting oxygen and nutrients into the body. Other jobs that blood has to include regulating core body temperature, controlling and...

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How well do you know blood properties? Blood is an essential bodily fluid in people and animals, as it delivers nutrients and oxygen to the body. It contains plasma, which is mostly water. It also contains protein, glucose,...

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Do you know blood functions and properties? Blood has several different functions, including conveying oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, forming blood clots so that there is no extreme blood loss, carrying antibodies to...

Question:   |  Attempts: 1053   |  Last updated: Mar 11, 2021

Nearly seven percent of a human's body weight is made up of blood; the blood consists of white blood cells and red blood cells, which perform a specific function in the body. This quiz should be a simple review of most of...

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Question:   |  Attempts: 387   |  Last updated: Feb 23, 2021

Question:   |  Attempts: 1741   |  Last updated: Feb 5, 2021

Waa 10 su'aalood oo ku saabsan Blood group waxaad hayasataa mudo 60 minutes ah. hadii aad mudo ka yar 30 minutes uga jawaabto waxaa tahy qof isku kalsoon oo si fiican ufahamy casharka. natiijada wixii 70% ka yar waa fail ,...

Question:   |  Attempts: 3990   |  Last updated: Nov 13, 2020

This is a sample of the 50 question final exam for IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal Certification.  You must achieve an 80% in order to pass this exam.

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Welcome to the advanced test on Pre-transfusion Testing and adverse reactions. In order to perform thorough pre-transfusion testing, all components of testing must come together to give a complete and accurate set of results to...

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Here we are with a hematopoietic and lymphatic system quiz! The blood in our body plays a significant role in ensuring oxygen is transported to the organs, has components that protect the body from harm, and at the same time,...

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Test your knowledge of common blood tests used in medicine

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