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Do you know how much blood we have inside our body? How much blood is represented by plasma? Take the online blood quizzes to get the answers and learn fabulous trivia as you play.

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    Hemodynamic Monitoring consists of:

Nearly seven percent of the body weight of a human is made up of blood, the blood consists of white blood cells and red blood cells, which perform a specific function in the body. This quiz should be a simple review of most...

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    The protein found in blood that is responsible for transporting oxygen is


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    1.  The nursing student is preparing an elderly patient for surgery. The patient is scheduled for a general anesthetic. Which side effect should the nurse monitor the patient for?

Magic is found in our blood and it takes a lot to unlock it so that we can practice it. There are two types of magic that a person may possess and this can either be light or dark magic. Before we get down to what type of magic...

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    Do you have a wild imagination?

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    Which chamber does oxygenated blood enter the heart first?

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Blood Questions & Answers

What is the difference between an Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke?
Stroke is a very terrible health condition because it talks about a sudden interruption of the blood supply to the brain. Ischemic and Hemorrhagic are two types of stroke and they are dangerous and deadly health conditions that must be adequately tak
What is the difference between Hypoxia and Ischemia?
Hypoxia refers to when the tissues' oxygen saturation drops below 90 percent; while Ischemia refers to when blood is being interrupted from flowing through to cells and tissues. The thing that causes Hypoxia the most is the failure in respiration or
What is the difference between Dysentery and Diarrhea?
Diarrhea presents as a watery stool with no blood and mucus. Dysentery presents as a mucoid stool that may be accompanied by blood. The patient may or may not be suffering from cramps or stomach pain. The patient generally complains of cramps and pai
What is the difference between Creatine and Creatinine?
Creatine and creatinine are both proteins present in the homeostasis (in the blood) in human body. They are both obtained from protein, and this is the reason why people who feed on meat have them more in the body than just the vegetarians. Creatine
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