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Cell Questions & Answers

What are the characteristics of a compound microscope?
Many scientists use microscopes, but sometimes a compound microscope is needed. This type of microscope is different because it includes two lenses. The compound microscope is a type of optical microscope and it has an eyepiece lens and an objective
Which of the following statements is not a part of the cell theory?
Cells are the smallest unit in biology. Everyone has cells and there are many of them inside of someone’s body. There are two main types: animal cells and plant cells. These are called the eukaryote and prokaryote. They look different and have
What is the difference between Haploid and Diploid?
Haploid and diploid are terms in cell division. The term ploidy refers to the number of chromosomes present in the nucleus of a cell. Haploid cells are cells that have just one set chromosome present in them. They are produced through the process of
Do you know the correct pathway of a typical reflex arc?
The correct order of a typical reflex arc is shown below: Sensory Receptor: A typical reflex starts with a sensory receptor to receive stimulus from the outside world to initiate the impulse in a sensory neuron. Sensory Neuron: It receives the im