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The cell membrane is used to protect the interior parts of the cell to all of the other items that can be found outside the environment. This is known to be selectively permeable, which means that it will allow specific molecules to enter, and there will also be particular molecules that will be allowed to exit. They usually have certain functions such as the following: They make sure that toxic substances will not penetrate the cell.

They have different receptors that will help pass on the messages that are being passed. Lastly, they offer overall cell protection. Just how much do you know about the cell membrane, the things that it can do, and its parts. You can always check the different quizzes that are available online. You may become surprised by the details that you will get whenever you answer.
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Thin membranes bound all living cells and many of the tiny organelles internal to cells. The cell membrane controls the movement of substances in and out of cells and organelles while protecting the cell from it’s...

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    The head of a phospholipid is...

How much do you know about cell membrane and transport? The cell membrane's four primary functions include cell signaling, selective transport, excretion of wastes, and structural support. It is a thin, flexible coating...

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    What is the cell membrane composed of?


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    Phagocytes cell play an important role in the prey of foreign objects into the body so that the most organelles within cells that is....

A selection of multiple choice and missing word questions about cell membrane structure and the movement of substances across it.

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    Membranes are made up of two layers of what?

This quiz will ask you questions about cell membranes, their structure, and their functions. The membrane is the outside covering of a cell. Phospholipids make up the basic structure of a cell membrane. The membrane's...

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    The head of a phospholipid is...

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Cell Membrane Questions & Answers

What is the head of a phospholipid comprised of in cell membrane?
The layer of the phospholipid is sandwiched between two protein layers. It is hydrophilic. This will allow water to infiltrate whenever possible. Take note that the tail of the phospholipid is known to be water-fearing. The phospholipids usually lin
How would you describe the function of the cell membrane?
The correct answer is The cell membrane controls whatever is entering and exiting the cell. As the cell is somewhat the source of life and energy of a specimen, it is very important that the organelles inside are protected from outside invaders. The
What structure is labeled with the letter A in the diagram below?
The correct answer to this question is Carbohydrate. The formula Cm (H2O)m is used to represent carbohydrates. They are made of oxygen, carbons, and hydrogen, and they are most known as sugars. However, they have other important function, which is vi
Which features of the cell wall allows water and solutes to easily move from the membrane?
The cell was is permeable, while the cell membrane is only semi-permeable...
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