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Erosion Questions & Answers

Which is the most suitable answer here? Letter A represents a process in the water cycle. Points X and Y represent locations on Earth’s surface. The amount of runoff at Y will increase as...
The water cycle is a cycle that represents how the water moves in different stages. There is water in the ocean, but it evaporates and moves into the clouds. The water vapor moves within the shadows. Then the clouds roll over the land. The water may
What type of farming is this? Plowing soil in curved bands that follow the shape of the land, thus preventing soil from flowing directly down slopes.
Farming has been around for a very long time. It seems that people understand the ways in which to farm. You take some seeds and plant them. Then water them and wait until the seeds grow into plants. During the harvest time, you pull the products of
How do some farming and ranching practices increase soil erosion?
The correct answers to this question are A, C, and D. When farmers leave soil bare, they put their land at risk of erosion. Erosion occurs when elements remove the soil, usually by wind or water. Although erosion can naturally occur on farms and ranc