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Are you a trivia star? Then you’ll want to take our astronomically interesting trivia quizzes! From Sirius to Spica, Canopus to Capella, and Arcturus to Altair, we have a galaxy of stars waiting for you. Blast off into trivia fun with our quizzes! Space is an amazing place, from our own solar system to the outer reaches of the galaxy. Show off your knowledge of astronomy by acing our trivia quizzes.

Can you name the signs of the zodiac? Do you know why Pluto’s no longer a planet? Do you know how long it takes Halley’s Comet to orbit the sun? If you do, you’ll be sure to do well with our trivia quizzes. Get your head out of the Cosmos and into our trivia quizzes today!
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    The earth is a tilted planet.  What is the degree of tilt?

When we look at the sky, all we see is blue or stars covering up the atmosphere. The quiz below is designed to help us see just how much you understood from the unit on astronomy so far. Give it a shot and jog your memory....

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    Why are certain telescopes in space?

Do you know enough about Astronomy? Take this quiz and find out

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    How many stars make up the Big Dipper?

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    Which of the following models accurately describes the view of the solar system first developed by the Greeks?

Take this quiz and learn more about cosmology, planets, galaxies, asteroids, astro photography, the Big Bang and black hole!

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  • Sample Question
    Darkest part of shadow of moon or Earth.

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Astronomy Questions & Answers

What is the order of the planets in our solar system?
1. Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto2. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto3. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto4. Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Satur
Which model accurately describes the view of the solar system first developed by the Greeks?
The answer to this is letter B. The planets are known to revolve around the sun. The sun is actually a start that helps provide the heat needed by earth so that it will not freeze over. Earth is the planet where we live but there are other planets th
What do the structures of Stonehenge, the Sun Dagger, and the Big Horn Medicine Wheel all have in common?
All the structures mentioned above are theorized to have been used in astronomical observations. The Stonehenge has been said to have been built by a lost civilization and was either a burial ground or an observatory as suggested by the circular sto
What is the difference between a comet and an asteroid?
The main difference between asteroids and comets to each other are the components that make up these two heavenly bodies. Comets are normally made of dust, ice, and other rocky materials. Asteroids, on the other hand, are made out of metal and rocks.
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