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What is the difference between Galaxy and Universe?
There are tens of thousands of galaxies and our galaxy, The Milky Way, is just one of them. Galaxies have many shapes and sizes; however, they have the commonality of gravity, stars, gases, dust, dark matter, and remnants of planets and stars that ha
Why do cosmologists say that the universe is constantly expanding?
There are a lot of cosmologists that are saying that the universe is still continuing to expand as time passes by. The galaxy is said to be expanding faster than light. Some say that this is inevitable and that it is meant to occur. The universe wil
What does a star form from?
A stellar nebula BRADY OWENS
How does the discovery of radiations coming from all directions in space support the big bang theory?
The CMB radiation was emitted 13.7 billion years ago, only a few hundred thousand years after The Big Bang. It was even before stars or galaxies existed. By studying the detailed physical properties of radiation, scientists can learn about conditions