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It’s a big, big universe out there, but for most of us our knowledge on the subject is vanishingly small. Sure, you’re probably familiar with our space-time origins in the Big Bang, and you may even know a little bit about the movement of galaxies and the omni-present cosmic background radiation filling all of know space. 

But do you know how much matter, dark matter, energy, and dark energy makes up our universe? How old is the universe – and could there be other universes besides our own out there? What do scientists mean when they say our universe may be “open” or “closed” or “flat”? If you’re feeling insignificant in the face of all that’s out there, take our quizzes and broaden your horizons a little!

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    Astronomy is the study of...

This quiz is for a Physics project. It is on the Life Cycle of Stars.

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    What is a Star?

Over the past week, we have learned about the geocentric model of the universe and this trivia is perfect for seeing just how much you got to understand about it and the other model which was put in place to oppose it. The...

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    Ptolemy's geocentric view of the universe said that all bodies move in elliptical orbits around the sun.

Test your knowledge about this book! Have fun!

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    What town does the story take place?

This Summative Assessment will evaluate the concepts and ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS studied in Unit 1 of Earth Science.

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    Precession is the 26,000 year shift of the Earth's Axis from the North Star to Antares.

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Universe Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Galaxy and Universe?
There are tens of thousands of galaxies and our galaxy, The Milky Way, is just one of them. Galaxies have many shapes and sizes; however, they have the commonality of gravity, stars, gases, dust, dark matter, and remnants of planets and stars that ha
Why do cosmologists say that the universe is constantly expanding?
There are a lot of cosmologists that are saying that the universe is still continuing to expand as time passes by. The galaxy is said to be expanding faster than light. Some say that this is inevitable and that it is meant to occur. The universe wil
What does a star form from?
A stellar nebula BRADY OWENS
How does the discovery of radiations coming from all directions in space support the big bang theory?
The CMB radiation was emitted 13.7 billion years ago, only a few hundred thousand years after The Big Bang. It was even before stars or galaxies existed. By studying the detailed physical properties of radiation, scientists can learn about conditions