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  • What is the strongest force on the earth?
    What is the strongest force on the earth?
    A gravitational force is the attractive force between two separate bodies. Gravity is related to mass so the more significant the mass, the greater the gravitational force it exerts on other objects. Also, the gravitational force of an object is dependent on distance. Gravity is where all things with mass or energy-including planets, stars, galaxies, and even light are brought toward one another. Another strong force on this earth is the nuclear force. A strong nuclear force is what keeps the positively charged protons so close together in the nucleus of the atom. It is harnessed in atomic weapons, and to generate electrical energy in nuclear power plants. Force is an entity that pushes or pulls on a mass. Nuclear forces are only observable inside the nucleus of an atom as it holds protons and nucleons together.

  • How the lines of latitude and longitude are drawn on a globe of Earth?
    How the lines of latitude and longitude are drawn on a globe of Earth?
    The answer to this is A. it can be confusing to choose the right answer if you would not read the questions carefully. Latitude lines are known as horizontal lines. They will be very helpful in determining the various areas where countries are located. Longitude lines are those that may start from one end of the equator to the other end. There are times when these lines would meet in certain areas around the world. It can be enough to make people understand the geographical locations of the different places better. Remember to check out the figures and numbers you will acquire to find the exact location of certain areas.

  • What proof is there that the Earth is round?
    What proof is there that the Earth is round?
    There are many ways to prove that earth is round. One of them is observing a ship emerge from a long distance from the sea to the shore. The ship will appear to come up from beneath the water to the surface. This happens because the earth is round. Had it been a flat surface the ship would have sailed straight from the sea to the shore.

  • What line divides the Earth into two equal parts?
    What line divides the Earth into two equal parts?
    The line that divides the earth into two parts in a horizontal manner is the equator. Take note that this is an invisible line. You will not see it if you would look at the Earth from a distance. Do remember that the closer the countries are to the equator, the hotter it gets. The equator usually faces the sun most of the time every year. Take note that those who are in the equator usually experience a consistent temperature all-year round. It will just depend on their location if they would also experience rainy seasons or not. The countries that are located in the northern and southern parts of the Earth usually experience four seasons. Those that are near the equator do not experience all the seasons. Rather, the climate can just be sunny or rainy.

  • How many days does it take the earth to revolve around the sun?
    How many days does it take the earth to revolve around the sun?
    It takes one year or 365 days or approximately 365 and ¼ days for the Earth to complete its’ orbit around the sun, which is why we have a leap year every four years and February has one extra day. It is a circular orbit, and there is only a small variance between the neighboring and outermost points from the sun throughout the realm. The Earth travels around the sun, and at the same time, it rotates on its axis and is tilted. The earth’ axis remains tilted in the same direction throughout the year. This means that on the pole will be directed away from the sun at one side of the orbit, and during the other half of the realm, it will be tilted toward the sun. Therefore, we have the seasons, so when the north pole is tilted towards the sun, the northern hemisphere has summer, and when it is away from the sun, we have winter.

  • How old is the Earth?
    How old is the Earth?
    Trying to figure out how old planets are is a very tricky science. The planets formed billions of years ago so it is difficult to appropriately estimate how old planets are, but scientists have been able to get pretty close. The Earth is about 4.54 billion years old with the age being potentially 50 million years more or less than that estimate. Scientists use the Earth's crust and rocks in order to help determine a rough estimate of the age of the Earth. Scientists have even used helpful clues from outside sources like the moon or different meteorites to help accurately pinpoint an age for the Earth. When put into perspective in consideration of the entire universe into one year, humans have only been around since the last minute of the last hour of the last day. Pretty cool!

  • The hydrosphere includes water in the form of snow
    The hydrosphere includes water in the form of snow
    I do not understand. Doesn't the hydrosphere include ALL of the water on earth?

  • What are the four major layers on the Earths core?
    What are the four major layers on the Earths core?
    A. The inner core,the outer core. the crust, and the mantle

  • What is the difference between Earth and Venus?
    What is the difference between Earth and Venus?
    Though Earth and Venus are seldom called Twin Planets, they are very different from each other. Earth is the third planet from the sun in the solar system while Venus is second. Venus has a higher temperature than of the Earth’s surface. The atmosphere of Venus has no to little water while Earth has. Venus’ atmosphere is composed of 96.5% Carbon Dioxide and 3% Nitrogen while Carbon Dioxide on Earth is mostly stored on rocks that are calcite type. Earth has a rotation of about 24 hours, Venus, on the other hand, rotates in 243 days. Most volcanoes in Venus are very active compared to Earth’s volcanic activities.

  • How can we save Earth?
    How can we save Earth?
    The fact that you're here reading this answer could be due to two plausible reasons. First one could be your concern for our mother nature and you volunteer yourself to participate for the greater cause of survival, Or, you're just here lurking from your boring lifestyle out of your slothfulness. If you fall into the second category, you can leave right now. This topic is a global issue and definitely the most trivialized one by the general population around the globe, though certain Organisations are coming forward and educating everyone to contribute to this cause to save our home planet. End of this rant.    Now coming to the main point, You can find so much information about the do's and the dont's on Google. This answer is all about the traits that you need to adopt to make those practical methods work in our favor, check out the following solutions: Awareness: We can't just blame the whole planet for the destruction as most of us are unaware of what are the pros and cons of using whatever we use day-to-day. Questions like " How can burning plastic contribute to this Global warming Nightmare?" need to be seeded in every single brain and henceforth, so should be the answer to this. Most of us don't reckon the survival consequences that we definitely have to face someday from this day forward. We need to realize that we're mortal. This sense of mortality will make your every step on this earth meaningful and you'll find a feeling of belonging to this nature. So, Foremost step is bringing awareness towards every product that we consume and towards waste management also. Decisiveness: Awareness is one thing, following that is what evidence would you provide to water that seed so that there will be individual efforts which are the only way to save our planet. Most of our life is mapped through procrastination. We need a lot more energy to counter it and start working for the better good of ourselves. Modus Operandi: Could be the most important of these all. A way to operate should be there, Once, we started acting upon this, we need to find how to do it with elegance, and in a well-behaved way. Efficient ways could be more beneficial throughout the process. Longevity: Consistency mixed with hard work and patience is the ultimate mantra for longevity, both for the human race and our planet. These traits are the real boss here. In the long run, definite results will be there. Behold the wonder: The beauty of nature is its tremendous healing capacities. It can heal itself if we just do our work to nurture it and do not interfere in the rest of the procedure. Behold the Wonder happening and you will be amazed. Embrace and be grateful: Mother nature is merciful and gives without any expectations, how can we not fall in love with it? We should feel thankful for what we have while we have it. The sole reason for our existence is our Mother nature. we should embrace it in profound ways. PS: There are a number of NGO's working towards this cause, you can volunteer and contribute for the living as long as you're above the ground.

  • What will you advise to a scientist that wants to make a geologic column of rock layers from different parts of the state?
    What will you advise to a scientist that wants to make a geologic column of rock layers from different parts of the state?
    Scientists are inquisitive people and like to explore different forms of existence. Geologists in particular are immensely interested in the earth’s crust. So, if a scientist needs to create a geologic column of rock layers made from different parts of the state, they can simply organize the layers by comparing the fossils and types of rocks. The earth’s crust is made of a variety of rocks which can work together to form the entire picture. Moreover, the fossils embedded in the different layers play their part in forming the different layers and are an essential part of the whole process.

  • What is the name of the superocean that surrounded Pangea?
    What is the name of the superocean that surrounded Pangea?
    The correct answer to this question is Panthalassa. It is also known as the Proto-Pacific or Paleo-Pacific, which means old Pacific. This is because the ocean we know today as the Pacific Ocean came from the Panthalassa's Ocean center. The Panthalassa covered 70% of Earth's surface during the Paleozoic-Mesozoic transition. The oceanic plates of Panthalassa were reconstructions of traditional plate tectonics. Terranes formed from the margins of the ocean. These terranes included the Kolyma-Omolon and the Stikinia. Marginal seas and oceanic plates were also created, which include Oimyakon, Slide Mountain Ocean, and Mongol-Okhotsk. The ocean floor of the Panthalassa disappeared due to subduction of continental marginals.

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