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  • What is the difference between maritime and continental climate?
    What is the difference between maritime and continental climate?
    The maritime and continental climate differ mostly in temperature. Maritime climate has fewer changes in temperature while in a continental climate the temperature greatly fluctuates. In the maritime climate, summers can be not scorching and winters not too cold. A continental climate, on the other hand, has summers that can be very hot and winters are freezing. The reason behind this is maritime climates are located near bodies of water like rivers or seas. Bodies of water can retain heat during winters and can give cool air during summers. Continental climates can be found far away from bodies of water hence extreme temperature are experienced. That is why a country that is near a body of water does not experience scorching summers and snows on winters.

  • Which invention has helped people to survive and settle in very cold climates the most?
    Which invention has helped people to survive and settle in very cold climates the most?
    One of the greatest inventions that has become key to the survival of many humans is the solar powered generator. In some colder climates, gas may not be easily accessible to all to be able to run gas powered generators. The solar powered generator is able to run purely off of the power created by the sun and does not require any other form of energy, such as gasoline. There is a long history of solar technology, but it is rumored that the first solar power to turn into electricity was in 1883 and was created by French Scientist Edmond Bacquerel.

  • What type of climate do the red shaded areas have?
    What type of climate do the red shaded areas have?
    The correct answer to this question is B, temperate climate. It is a climate on Earth, which occurs in the middle latitude. Temperate climates span between the polar regions and the tropics. Zones with temperate climates have wider temperature ranges throughout the year. They also have unique seasonal changes. These seasons include spring, summer, autumn, and winter. A majority of the world resides in temperate climates, which leads to larger cities. Countries residing in temperate climates include the United States, New Zealand, and Japan. Farming is also a popular practice on these climates, due to the rain and warm summers.

  • Which month(s) have over 2 inches of precipitation?
    Which month(s) have over 2 inches of precipitation?
    This question is horrible because it is completely based on the naked eyes conception which is unfair.

  • What influences climate?
    What influences climate?
    The climate of a region can be influenced by many factors in the area. The strength of the sun can affect the climate and weather. The latitude shows the location of the climate. The further away the location is from the equator, the higher the temperature. Wind and ocean currents provide cooler temperatures. Atmospheric pressure is associated with elevation. The pressure will decrease when elevation increases. So, when there is less pressure, the temperature would most likely be cooler. Precipitation also affects climate. The location of a place may determine how much and the kind of precipitation in a certain climate. If a city is located is the north, there is a greater chance of having a snowy precipitation than a location closer to the equator.

  • Which of the following best defines the word weather?
    Which of the following best defines the word weather?
    The precipitation and temperature of a place at a given point in time.

  • What is continental climate?
    What is continental climate?
    Continental climates are defined as having a coldest month mean temperature below -3 C (26.6 F) or 0 °C depending on which isotherm used for the coldest month and four months above 10 °C. In Continental climates, Precipitation tends to be moderate in amount, concentrated mostly in the warmer months. A continental climate is located in the interior of a continent or is a climate having characteristics similar to those found in such locations. Continental is a descriptive term that is general rather than specific. It includes temperature extremes, large diurnal and seasonal ranges of temperature, small annual precipitation totals, and low relative humidifies.

  • Where culture moves because of similar climate and length of day?
    Where culture moves because of similar climate and length of day?
    This is what people call “movement across latitudes”. Latitude is the position on the earth in relation to the equator. Zero degrees latitude means that someone is at the equator. The higher the latitude - IE, the further away from the equator - one goes, the colder it gets. This is simply because the equator gets the most sunlight, and the further away one goes, the less sunlight one is being exposed to. That said, there’s no real division of where one kind of climate or day ends and one begins. There are three general zones, though. The first one is the arctic. This is the coldest zone; it generally starts around 66.5 degrees north or south, depending which end of the globe one is on. The second is the temperate; there’s no defined starting point for this one. Thirdly, there’s the tropics to either side of the equator.

  • What is the difference between Climate and Biome?
    What is the difference between Climate and Biome?
    Climate refers to the average weather patterns in a region over a long period of time. Biome, on the other hand, is a set of biological communities defined by similar vegetation that is influenced by the climate and geography of a region. There are various types of climate such as dry, temperate, polar, continental, and tropical. Not all countries experience all of the climates as the climate you are experience is based on the region your country is part of. A tropical country has and will never experience a polar climate and vice versa. Biome also has a classification and they are desert, tundra, marine, freshwater, forest, and grassland biome. Plant and animal species are different depending on the biome they are at. An example is a polar bear will never live and survive in the desert biome as it has thick fur that is not perfect in a very hot and dry place.

  • What is the Paris Climate Agreement?
    What is the Paris Climate Agreement?
    The Paris agreement is a treaty that is signed by different countries that are part of the United Nations wherein it would seek to lessen greenhouse gas emissions. This would deal with everything that is related to the stop of greenhouse gases such as the adaptation, mitigation, and even the finance of projects that will put a stop to this soon. This agreement will help not only those who would like to reduce greenhouse gases, it can also inform countries to know what to do with items that can be recycled or renewed. Information and knowledge about these things will make a difference in the world in general as long as the proper processes will be followed.

  • What biome is represented by these climographs?
    What biome is represented by these climographs?
    Tropical Savanna/Dry Tropical Forest

  • What is the best definition of climate?
    What is the best definition of climate?
    The precipitation and temperature patterns of a place over a period of time.

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