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Did you know that, at this moment in time, one million Earth could actually fit inside the Sun, but that one day it will be the same size as the Earth? Or that the light from the Sun takes about eight minutes to get here? Or that the temperature inside the Sun can reach temperatures of 15 million degrees Celsius? So, the Sun is not only the biggest star in our Universe, but it is also very interesting.

Try answering questions like: “What is the sun made of?”, “Does the brightness of the Sun change over time?”, “What are the key areas of solar research today?” and ”Does the Sun have a surface?” and discover the things that’s right in front of your eyes!

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  • The Sun is typical star.

  • _________________ is the most important source of energy for life on Earth.

  • The Sun diameter is about ___________ million kilometers,

  • In the picture below, Texas is the area of Earth labeled side A where the X is drawn.  What do you know for sure is happening in Texas?

  • Which of the following causes the seasons?

  • Which location in the diagram above shows the position of Earth when it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere?

  • What is a Solar Eclipse?
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  • A Lunar eclipse is when the Moon is in between the Sun and Earth.
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  • The Earth is shaped?
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  • What is the outer most layer of the sun?
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  • What do prominences look like?
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  • What happens when a solar flare occurs?
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