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Run like the... A straw in the… Sail against the…You got that one right, another one of the four elements is here. Wind makes the subject of our quiz now and we’ll see just how much you know about it. Carefully formulated questions meant to challenge your knowledge about one of the most common events in nature.

What is a weather vane typically used for? What is the name of the scale used to relate wind speed to observe conditions at sea or on land? Total wind power could only be captured if the wind velocity would be what? Easterly winds usually dominate the flow patterns across what regions of the Earth? Fly like the wind through these questions, take our quiz and prove your skills.

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Air is a mixture of gaseous substances that make up the atmosphere whereas wind is air in motion. Anemology is the study of winds. It helps one to get knowledge of the winds, its movement and effects. The quiz below will test...

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    Which of the following change of state of water absorbs energy? 

Do you know how the wind moves? Here's the answer. The wind moves because of the air pressure variation from one place to another from the high-pressure region toward low pressure. The wind blows rapidly when the...

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    What is the name of the most constant, reliable, steady winds?

There are different weather elements in existence and they all have an importance in making the earth what it is. The interesting test below is designed to check out which element can be used to describe you between Earth,...

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    You describe yourself as................

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    How long does it take for a turbine to pay back the electricity used to manufacture it?

Wind turbines are a global means of harnessing energy from the wind, as the kinetic energy is converted into electrical power for our use in machines, lights and so on. See how much you know about them with this quiz!

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    Energy an object has due to it's motion is______________.

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Wind Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Wind Power and Solar Power?
Wind power and solar power are two different sources of energy. Wind power is harnessed from the wind with the use of turbines to generate electricity. It is available throughout the day. This is a big advantage that wind power has over solar power.
Which of the following will  not have an impact on the wind turbine designs output?
None of the above, they will all have an effect the designs output