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This is one of the essential branches of physics. It explores the connection between vital aspects of our everyday lives. You’re about to take a quick trip back to your high-school days when you were studying this in physics class. We hope you still have your physics manual from that time because you’re going to need it this time.

These are a couple of sample questions: Thermodynamics studies the relationships between heat, temperature and? What was the name of the French physicist dubbed the “father of thermodynamics”? What is Zeroth’s law of thermodynamics? “Heat cannot spontaneously flow from a colder location to a hotter location” is which law in thermodynamics? Find out all the right answers and prove to everyone you know everything about this.
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Thermodynamics is a branch of science which primarily focuses on the relations between heat and various other forms of energy, such as mechanical, chemical or electrical energy, and therefore the relationships between all forms...

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    In an isothermal process, there is no change in

This quiz item is intended for students under the Tutorial Class. Its objectives is to determine their basic understanding and knowledge on thermodynamic laws and processes.

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    In a thermodynamic process in which the pressure is held constant, the heat transferred to the system is.

Hey there Science Geeks! Hope you all are well. So, here's the quiz on Heating and Cooling. Heating and Cooling are the two essential phenomena which are useful in all machines, industrial works, factories, environment,...

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    To save more energy you should turn the heat high in the winter.

Questions on heat and thermodynamics for Principles of Engineering

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    Which of the below is not a type of heat transfer?

The quiz below is specifically set and designed to test your knowledge of thermodynamics and entropy. How well are you with heat energy and its conversion into mechanical energy? Take up the quiz below and find out.

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    In a heat engine, what is the relationship between Qh, Qc and W

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Thermodynamics Questions & Answers

What does the second law of thermodynamics lead us to conclude? 1. The total energy of the universe is constant. 2. Disorder in the universe is increasing with the passage of...
The second law of thermodynamics asserts that for a thermodynamically defined process actually to transpire, the amount of the entropies of the participating bodies must increase. In an idealized limiting case, that of a reversible process, this sum
Which of the below is not a type of heat transfer?
3 expansion it does not involve heat transfer
Is melting an endothermic reaction ?
Meltingice isendothermic-- you can see this by putting a thermometer in a glass of warm water, adding an ice cube, and watching the temperature go down as the icemelts.