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Scalar and Vector are just two of the many quantities used in physics. Scalar is a quantity that is totally described by magnitude or size, whereas, a vector quantity is specified by both magnitudes as well as direction. So, here...

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    Which of the following is a physical quantity that has a magnitude but no direction?

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    One possible unit of speed is

In this quiz on the scientific topic of physics, we’ll be taking a look at the moment of force – which is defined as the measure of its tendency to cause a body to rotate about a specific point of axis. One example...

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    A SEE-SAW. On one side, there is a person with a weight of 600N. He is sitting 3m away from the pivot. On the other side, is a person weighing 450N. How far away must (s)he sit?

Helps in learning definitions

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    A pull or a push applied or exerted on an object is ............................

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    The number of waves that pass by in a second is known as the wave's

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Physics Questions & Answers

How far away must (s)he sit? On one side of a see-saw, there is a person with a weight of 600N. He is sitting 3m away from the pivot. On the other side, is a person weighing 450N.
The answer to this is letter B. 4 meters. The reason for this is based on the weights of the people who are using the see-saw. You should remember that the person on one side is 600 N while the person on the other side is 450N. This means that witho
Who coined the equation E=mc^2 and what does it mean?
The correct answer to this question is Albert Einstein. He is a physicist, who coined the term. This is a formula, which correlates energy to mass. When he originally wrote the question, he wrote it as m=L/c2. The L represented Lagrangian, which is a
What is the surface area of this triangular prism?
Finding the area of a triangular prism can be easy as long as you know the various things that you have to do. These are the steps that you have to do: You need to add the three sides of the triangle so you just need to make sure that you have the
What is the difference between Stress and Strain?
Physics is one of the fields in science that deals with the physical phenomenon around man, that is matter and its behaviors through space and time. Physics involves the study of several forces such as stress and the deformation it can cause to objec
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