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Is gravity always getting you down? Then let’s get acceleration a chance to win us over: “Who was the first scientist and theoretician to prove that all objects fall to earth with constant acceleration?”, “What is the acceleration of free-fall on the moon?”, “What is instantaneous acceleration?”, and “How else is constant acceleration called?”.

And these are not the only interesting question from these quizzes! You will also find out about the fact that an oscillating pendulum with velocity and acceleration marked, experiences both tangential and centripetal acceleration; or about circular motion, that is the constant speed along a circular path.

Or about the relation to relativity which is a special theory of relativity that describes the behavior of objects travelling relative to other objects at speeds approaching that of light in a vacuum. Not so boring now, is it?!

Quiz for Period 2 Computer based science class.  Quiz is from the Holt Science Spectrum.

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    Acceleration can mean

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Solve this acceleration trivia and get to see just how much you have been able to understand from your physics class when it comes to this topic. There are a lot of things that one can achieve if they get to learn the secrets...

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    What can be calculated by finding the area under an acceleration vs. time graph for a specific amount of time?

Speed can either be fast or slow and is described by the distance covered over time. What do you know about speed and how to understand its changes in a diagrammatical presentation? If you believe you understand acceleration?...

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    Which is the BEST SCIENTIFIC definition of acceleration?

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    The structure of a Peoples HELOC is which of the following?

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