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You have to gather all the energy inside you for this one. We will be throwing thousands of Joules in questions at you. We will be fueling your desire to know more about energy in general. Nuclear, fossil fuel or any other, we have it. So gather all your forces and show us your knowledge in energy. Which was the largest coal exporting country in the year 2010?

Which country has the largest petroleum reserves on Earth? Which country has the largest nuclear power generation capacity in the world? All of them are meant to test if you know energy. Process these questions and then convert all your knowledge into correct answers. Make sure to conserve all your energy for the more difficult questions though.
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A simple definition of the energy- the capacity to do work, move an object by some application of force, or heating an object. Energy is a quantitative property that can be transferred from objects to objects, can take forms but...

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    Which of the following is a conversion from chemical energy to thermal energy?

Energy comes in different forms and light energy can be seen directly. This form of energy as discussed can be converted to other forms of energy and the main source of this energy on earth is the sun. Test out your knowledge of...

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    Which statement explains why a pencil looks broken when placed in a cup of water?

Systems used differing sports.

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    The sport of Shot Put relies primarily on what energy system?

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    Most energy sources are used to give us

Objective problem. Choose the best answer.

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    Which of the following compounds is expected to have the highest lattice energy?

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Energy Questions & Answers

Which energy transformation occurs in a toaster?
The correct answer to this question is C, Electric to thermal. Electric toasters are used in many homes to make toast, waffles, and frozen pastries. A toaster transfers electric energy taken from the electrical outlet into thermal energy, which is he
What is the difference between Temperature and Thermal Energy?
Temperature is the average kinetic energy of all the particles that make up a system. It is used to measure the cold and heat of a system. The temperature of a system can be accurately measured by the use of a thermometer. The units of measurement of
What is the difference between Exothermic and Exergonic?
Exergonic and Exothermic are chemical reactions used in the field of thermodynamics. Exothermic is the release of energy; it literally means “outside heating,” while exergonic means “outside” work the release of energy while w
What is the difference between Electric and Gas Lawn Mower?
Two types of mowing machines being used by most people are gas-powered lawnmowers and electric lawnmowers. Both are good in their own ways; they have various advantages over each other. One of the major differences between electric and gas lawn mower
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