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E=MC^2? No...that's not it...X^2 = Y? Nope...wait, I's F=MA! I don't think we're going to have to FORCE you to take this quiz now...we? We all know that any force equals mass times accelleration...right? Well, how much on forces do you know? What kinds of forces are there...we have frictional force, and brute force, and "the force", well, if your name is Luke, that is. However, what about tortion, tension and shear forces? What do you know about those?

How much force does it take to crack an egg? Could you really break an concrete with water? and what about when someone forces you to do your homework...what is that called? If you think you're a budding physicyst or rocket scientist, then this quiz will be right up your alley, along with calculators, graphs, fires and explosions! No-one forcing what are you waiting for?
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Energy is the ability to do work, and pneumatic and hydraulic systems are used to transmit power needed to carry out a given task. Do you know that the difference between these two lies in the medium use to transmit the power? If...

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    The lubricator in a pneumatic circuit is the ________.

The Moment is the product of the force multiplied by the distance from the point an object will turn. In our past classes, we got to understand pivots and how they work. To help you refresh your memory, take up the quiz below and...

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    The moment of a force causes an object to

A simple forces quiz.

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    Friction makes objects easier to move on a flat surface. True or False?

A force is an interaction that, when opposed will change the motion of an object. Magnetism, on the other hand, is the attraction and repulsion of forces. All year 7 students, this quiz will help advance your Physics...

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    Forces can _______________ an object.

Student quiz on volcanoes as Constructive Forces

Questions: 6  |  Attempts: 263   |  Last updated: Nov 27, 2013
  • Sample Question
    What is a Constructive Force?

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Force Questions & Answers

What is the effort required to lift the load? The diagram shows a light beam pivoted at one end.
The answer to this question is 50. Those who are not too familiar with the different formulas that are used in physics may have no idea how this is the correct answer. It is best to check out the given. The formula that will be used for this is F1D1=
When is the turning effect of a force on a door greater?
When turning a door the turning effect of a force on a door is greater at a point far away from the hinges and perpendicular to the door. The turning effect of a pivot is known as the moment about that point. The moment of a force is a measure of its
What is the value of the resultant turning moment about the pivot at the instant when the rule is horizontal?
The correct answer to this question is 160NCM anticlockwise. This question deals with forces and moment. The metric rule of this question is uniform in the weight act. This uniformity creates an anticlockwise moment. The 4.0N weight is downward at on
What is the main type of intermolecular forces in PH3?
PH3, otherwise known as phosphine and is quite toxic and flammable, forms a dipole-dipole because it is a polar molecule. We know it is polar because it has a lone pair and therefore its geometry is non-symmetrical as predicted by the VSEPR model. N
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