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This quiz has been made for Physics students and learners. There is a set of 17 questions which you have to answer in a short time, just to check your knowledge and efficiency. It covers topics related to pressure, fluids, and...

Questions: 17  |  Attempts: 2183
  • Sample Question
    What is the formula for calculating pressure?

The Moment is the product of the force multiplied by the distance from the point an object will turn. In our past classes, we got to understand pivots and how they work. To help you refresh your memory take up the quiz below and...

Questions: 9  |  Attempts: 1123
  • Sample Question
    The moment of a force causes an object to

Work = F x d Speed= d/t Net force= total forces acting on an object

Questions: 15  |  Attempts: 985
  • Sample Question
     A horse pulls a cart 25 meters with a force of 5 newtons? How much work was done?

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Force Questions & Answers

What is the effort required to lift the load? The diagram shows a light beam pivoted at one end.
The answer to this question is letter A. 50. Those who are not too familiar with the different formulas that are used in physics may have no idea how this is the correct answer. It is best to check out the given. The formula that will be used for thi
What are the correct answers? Friction acts between two surfaces and can be reduced using a __________. Air _________ or drag is a frictional force that acts against moving objects like cars....
The 2nd gap is resistance not drag because it says air ______ or drag. If the answer was drag it would be "air drag, or drag." That doesn't make sense. Also there is a typo in the 1st question, you wrote br instead of be.By Kieran Morris, a
When is the turning effect of a force on a door greater?
The correct answer is option C When turning a door the turning effect of a force on a door is greater at a point far away from the hinges and perpendicular to the door. The turning effect of a pivot is known as the moment about that point. The moment