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In physics, we know that for every action, there has a reaction. Over the past few days, we have been learning about force and motion. Do you believe you understood all that we have covered? Take up the quiz below designed to...

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     It would probably be easiest to ride a bicycle across:

3rd grade vocabulary words-September 22

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    The place where someone or something is placed

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    An object of mass 2 kg is sliding with a constant velocity of 4 m/s on a frictionless horizontal table. The force required to keep the object moving with the same velocity is:

Newton's second law of motion states that a force, acting on an object, will change its velocity by changing either its speed or its direction or both. For every action there is a reaction. Have you covered the topic of...

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    The ability to do work is called-

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    Which best describes the effect of force on the motion of an object?

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Force And Motion Questions & Answers

Which option completes this sentence? An object that experiences a push or a pull has a(n) __________ exerted on it.
D is the answer to this question. What happens when you want to make an object move, you will exert some force into it. When you are trying to move an object faster, you would like to push or pull harder. This is already a common thing that you shoul
What is the force that always acts opposite to the direction of the motion of an object?
Friction is the opposing force reacting to the motion of an object. It is the force between two objects that can result in different energies. Friction is very important as when it does not exist when you are driving your car or a bike, it will seem
What will be the frictional force of the floor on the ball? Velocity versus time graph of a ball of mass 50 g rolling on a concrete floor is shown in the figure below.
A is the answer to this question. People know that in order to make something move, there is a need to use force. Force is connected to the different laws of motion too. The first law of motion is, an object will always remain in motion unless it is
Can you complete this sentence? It would probably be easiest to ride a bicycle across ________.
Because the gravel can get rocks stuck and grass can get grass stuck I it also and sand is hot so it might melt the tiers and it is not hard so it is also goin to be hard to drive.
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