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Did you know that Buddhism managed to summarize an entire field of physics in only one word?! It’s called karma. You may recognize the statement from a movie, but it is actually true. Newton's Third Law of Motion states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And that’s not all he managed to pull on motion.

“What are the ‘imperceptible’ human motions, and how many are there?”, “What set of principles describe the physical reality at an atomic level of matter?”, “What is the Heisenberg uncertainty principle?”, and “What part of physics deals with the study of motion at a macroscopic level?” are just some of the questions from these quizzes that even Newton stopped to ponder. And so, if you think you can take him, start by taking on these quizzes.

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In this physics quiz, we will focus on graphing motion. Motion is a change in the position of an object over time. We have learned more about movement and how to measure it and calculate its estimates. How well did you understand...

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    The graph below represents the motion of an object. According to the graph, as time increases, the velocity of the object:

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    The plane which divides the body into superior and inferior halves is known as the ...

Physics is a scientific realm of study that deals with a whole host of topics such as matter, energy and force, but today we’ll be looking at a key topic in the study; motion. What can you tell us?

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    A basketball is tossed up into the air. What can you say about the top of the trajectory is

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    The two measurements necessary for calculating average speed are

This motion quiz tests your understanding on distance, displacement, speed and velocity! If you want to understand motion, you need to know how to calculate these three elements and this quiz will give you an idea of how much...

Questions: 14  |  Attempts: 267   |  Last updated: Jan 8, 2021
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    The difference between velocity and speed is that .....

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Motion Questions & Answers

What is the magnitude of the displacement of the car from t = 2.0 seconds to t = 4.0 seconds in the graph below? The graph shows the velocity of a race car moving along a straight line...
The correct answer to the question “What is the magnitude of the displacement of the car from t=2.0 seconds to t = 4.0 seconds in the graph below?” wherein the graph “shows the velocity of a race car moving along a straight line as
What is the interval in which the cart is moving forward at constant speed? The displacement-time graph below represents the motion of a cart initially moving forward along a straight line. 
The answer is 3. The interval in which the cart is moving forward at constant speed is BC. This question has to do with graphine motion and time displacement. Graphing motion is very important in physics. Physics is the scientific study of matter and
What is the height of the bridge if the time is 2.3 s?
This is 26 meters. Can you actually calculate the height of the place based on just dropping a stone? According to physics, this is possible. To do this, you would need a stopwatch so that you will be able to time when the stone hits the water. Once
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