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Projectile motion is the motion of a “thrown” object (baseball, bullet, or whatever) as it travels upward and outward and then is pulled back down by gravity. The study of projectile motion has been important throughout history, but it really got going in the Middle Ages, once people developed cannons, catapults, and related war machinery.

Soldiers needed to know how to point their cannons so their cannonballs wouldn't hit their own men. So, “Who was the first to discover projectile motion, and how did he happen to stumble across such a find?”, “What sort of application did projectile motion find in other fields?”, “How is the maximum distance of projectile calculated?”, and “What are the kinematic kinematic quantities of projectile motion?”. These questions will help you get on target, so all you have to do is be focused and shoot!

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Projectile motion is a type of motion caused by an object being dropped to the earth's surface. The force that is the cause of this motion is gravity. The object first goes upwards then is forced to come downwards. In this...

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    Projectile motion has two components, horizontal (x) and vertical (y) as can be seen below. The horizontal motion has:

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    A stone with an initial velocity of zero is dropped from a bridge above a river. After 3 s, the stone strikes the water below the bridge. Approximately how fast is the stone traveling when it strikes the water?

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    The only force acting on the object in projectile motion is...

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    In the equations below, the vertical acceleration of a projectile is known to be 9.8m/s/s(the acceleration of gravity).

This quiz is about projectile motion. There are ten items on this test. Don

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    The only force acting on a projectile is


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What is its maximum height of a basketball launched 12 m/s at an angle of 40 degrees above the horizontal?(Neglect air resistance and the height of the player who launched it.) This question...
To solve this, you need to do the following processes: The first thing is you need to find VOY. Then, you need to look for T. Look for YMAX, and you will get the answer. You just need to place all of the needed figures to get the best answer availabl
Is the vertical acceleration of a projectile known to be 9.8m/second square (the acceleration of gravity)?
The correct answer to this question is false. This question would appear on a physics exam for a physics class and could also be apart of an SAT test. The illustration provided helps us solve the question and it shows that the verticle projectile dif
How far away from the kicker does the soccer ball land?
An interesting and sometimes fun way to learn physics involves relating physics problems to the real world. In the case of finding projectile motion one can apply a real life scenario of someone kicking a soccer ball. If a soccer ball is kicked so t
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