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What is the difference between reflection and refraction? What are the most important things to note when it comes to these two major light concepts? Worry no more as the quiz below will enlighten you more.

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    A ray of light strikes a plane mirror PQ at an angle of incidence of 30o, is reflected from the plane mirror and then strikes a second plane mirror QR placed at right angles to the first mirror. The angle of reflection at the second mirror is:

This quiz checks your understanding of reflection and refraction. What do you need to know to complete the quiz? Well, if you can remember what you learnt in class... and know how to look up things on the internet or in your...

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    For reflection to occur, light must...

The students will be tested on the difference between refraction and reflection. The students will also know what causes refraction and reflection.

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    Which of the following objects does not refract light?

Take this quiz to show your knowledge of refraction.

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    An example of changing mediums is when light goes from ______ to ______.

Can you answer all these questions about light worksheet and reflection? Let's play this quiz and prove yourself now!

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    The diagram shows a ray of light incident on the edge of a piece of glass. The angle I is bigger than the critical angle.Which arrow correctly shows the direction of the ray after it leaves the edge of the glass ?  

Refraction Questions & Answers

What is the distance between the positions of the original and final images seen in the mirror if an object is placed 20 cm in front of a plane mirror and the mirror is moved 2 cm towards the...
As the object was initially placed 20 cm in front of the plane mirror, the image formed was 40 cm away from the original object. Now, when the mirror is moved 2 centimeters towards the object, the image also moves two towards the object. In this pers
What will happen if light travels from medium 1 to medium 2 and speed of light is less in medium 2?  
(B) Bend away from the normal. When light travels from a rarer to denser medium then the ray of light will bend away from the normal.
What would be the critical angle of medium A? In an optics lesson, a Physics student traces the paths of three rays of light near the boundarybetween medium A and air. The student uses a protractor...
The answer to this is letter D. The protractor is used in order to figure out the different angles that were produced by the rays. Protractors are normally used in different math classes. A typical protractor may be made of plastic or glass. The prot
What is the angle between the incident ray and normal called?
B. Light is very predictable and it follows a general set of rules for its behavior. The incident ray is the ray of light that is hitting an object. From that spot, a perpendicular line is drawn. This is known as the normal line. A ray is a line with