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In everyday life, Energy is defined as the ability to do work which plays the most crucial role in handling physical work. The theory of work and energy are closely intertwined. Work is done on an object when an...

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    Mary pushes her cart across the floor with a force of 150N for a distance of 10m. What is the work done on the cart?

Practice quiz for chapter 7.

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    A solar collector heats the water in the water tank of a home. Which energy transformation equation best describes this situation?

In order for work to take place, there is an amount of energy that has to be used. Work can either change the kinetic energy or change the potential energy. Do you understand the connection between work and energy? Test how well...

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  • Sample Question
    What is the formula for work?

Work And Energy Questions & Answers

What equal physical quantity does a feather and a coin dropped in a vacuum fall have?
Option C - Acceleration Acceleration is equal if a feather and a coin dropped in a vacuum. A feather and a coin will fall with equal accelerations in a vacuum, but unequally in the presence of air. This is because the air molecules causes a friction
Which is the most suitable option here? If Nancy pushes an object with twice the force for half the distance, she does what?
The correct answer is option Nancy does 4 times the work if she pushes an object with twice the force for half the distance. Let Nancy’s effort be X Let the distance be Y Nancy needs 2x for ½ Y 2x = ½ Y Let’s find X X = (1/2
What is the difference between Elastic Potential Energy  and GPE?
The correct answer is option A. Potential energy is the energy kept in an object as a result of its position, which include GPE and EPE. GPE is the potential energy stored in an object as an outcome of its vertical position or height. GPE depends on