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In order for work to take place, there is an amount of energy that has to be used. Work can either change the kinetic energy or change the potential energy. Do you understand the connection between work and energy? Test how well...

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    What is the formula for work?

Practice quiz for chapter 7.

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    A solar collector heats the water in the water tank of a home. Which energy transformation equation best describes this situation?

What do you know about work and energy? Do you think you know as much as necessary to pass this quiz? Work done is generally referred in relation to the force applied while energy is used about other factors such as heat. There...

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    A man is carrying the heavy luggage from one platform to the other of a Railway station but still according to the logic of science his work done is said to be zero. Can you opt-out of the correct reason?

In everyday life, energy means the ability to do a specific work. The theory of work and energy are closely intertwined. Work is done on an object when an applied force moves it through a distance. This quiz has been developed...

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    Mary pushes her cart across the floor with a force of 150N for a distance of 10m. What is the work done on the cart?

This quiz includes the topics on Work, Energy and Power.  The quiz is consisting of 15 multiple-choice items, which are all conceptual.  Time limit for the quiz is 15 minutes.  Good luck.

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    Which of the following is not a unit for power?  


Work And Energy Questions & Answers

Which one of the Kilowatt, Kilowatt hour, Joule and Newton meter is not the unit of energy?
Out of the four units given i.e. Kilowatt, Kilowatt hour, Joule and Newton meter, only Newton meter is not the unit of energy. This means you can use Joule, Kilowatt hour or KWh and Kilowatt (KW) as units of energy. The most common definition of ener
What equal physical quantity does a feather and a coin dropped in a vacuum fall have?
Acceleration is equal if a feather and a coin dropped in a vacuum. A feather and a coin will fall with equal accelerations in a vacuum, but unequally in the presence of air. This is because the air molecules causes a frictional force that opposes th
What is the difference between Elastic Potential Energy and GPE?
Potential energy is the energy kept in an object as a result of its position, which includes GPE and EPE. GPE is the potential energy stored in an object as an outcome of its vertical position or height. GPE depends on mass and height. There is a re
What is work and energy in science?
The force is acting perpendicular to the direction of displacement of luggage
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