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    Matter can be found in which of the following forms?

When expectant mothers go to the clinic, their child’s health is checked every time and if complications arise they are noted and handled. One of the things we covered this week is the immediate electronic fetal heart...

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    According to AWHONN, the normal baseline Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) is

Electronics quiz

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    What is the process used to connect components to our circuit boards

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    An engineer is designing the runway for an airport. Of the planes that will use the airport, the lowest acceleration rate is likely to be 3 m/s2. The takeoff speed for this plane will be 65 m/s. Assuming this minimum acceleration, what is the minimum allowed length for the runway?

This "quick and dirty" quiz is intended to give you some ideas to consider when contemplating the purchase of an electronic cigarette. For more information, go to www.e where you can learn all about personal vaporizers and...

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    Throat hit is important to people who vape. Throat hit is the feeling in the back of your throat that you associate with smoking an analog. People who smoke menthol and ultra light cigarettes have a tendency to want a lighter throat hit. People who smoked full flavor cigarettes and those who pull directly into their lungs are usually looking for the "hardest" throat hit. It is all a matter of taste. There are methods to adjust throat hit with any ecig model, so just give it your best guess.What kind of throat hit do you think you will like?

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Electronics Questions & Answers

What is a diode?
The correct answer is that the diode is forward biased and conducting, according to my research. This is because the anode (or the positive side of the battery) has more power. It should allow the current to flow. However, if the polarities (or the c
Who made Sophia?
Sophia is a humanoid style robot that was developed by Hanson Robotics, a Hong Kong based company. It was orginally developed for use in nursing homes but since 2016 the company has been hoping that humanoids such as Sophia could become something a p
Can you list three ways in which you can determine that a FHR pattern is pseudosinusoidal and not sinusoidal?
There will be variabilty instead of the sine wave as seen in sinusoidal pattern. The outcome is good with no indication of a foetus being compromised. The ctg will respond to the intervention necessary to improve the reading.
What are the two most important characteristics of the FHR?
The two most important characteristics of fetal heart monitoring are rate and variability. The rate, of course, is referring to the heart rate of the baby. Since this is usually done during labor and shortly thereafter, this is crucial; if the baby&r