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    70. (024) Resistance reading on the ground under test is plotted on a graph of

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    What is Resistance?

Multiple Choice Chapter 17

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Resistance Questions & Answers

Why does a wire carrying electricity has resistance?
Due to the wires having electrical opposition, which means that they resist the movement of electrons, the electrons bump into atoms on the outside of the wire, and their kinetic energy is given to the atoms as thermal energy. This thermal energy cau
What is the mathematical relation between temperature and resistance?
As temperature rises, the number of photons increases and with it the photons will collide. When the temperature rises, the resistance increases. For some materials, resistivity or ohmic resistance is a linear function of temperature. The resistivity
How is impedence related to resistance?
Resistance is an abstract used for DC (direct currents) whereas impedance is AC or an alternating current parallel. Resistance is due to electrons in the conductor clashing with the ionic lattice of the conductor meaning that electrical energy is tra
Is resistance the cause of Joule heating?
Those power lines have a non zero resistance and therefore are subject to Joule heating, which causes transmission loss. The split of power between transmission losses and load energy conveyed to the client can be equated by a voltage partitioner. To