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What has been the biggest contribution of your country to the field of computer science?
During the Industrial revolution, the United States has contributed to the field of computer science by first inventing tools and equipment like the weaver and mechanical reapers. These inventions began the increase in technology at an early stage of
What is the means of encoding text in which each symbol is represented by 16 bits?
There is no correct answer. "Unicode" does not imply a specific encoding, especially not a 16-bit one.
Which of the following is the binary representation of 4 5/8?
The correct answer to this question is B, 100.101. The binary system is numeric, and it writes numbers using only the digits 0 and 1. These two numbers are also known as a true and false state. In this system, a digit is as twice as much as a digit t
What are the four major components of a computer?
The answer to this is A. These four major parts of the computer are all working well together in order to create processes that will make people’s work faster. For example, the CPU is known to be the brain of the computer. Without this, the who