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What is the difference between Open Source and Free Software?
Open Source software is a type of software whose source code can be gotten and used by anybody. Free Software, on the other hand, refers to software that can be gotten for free; that is, you didn't need to pay for it. Free software can also be called
How can the developer meet these requirements? A developer needs to write tests to ensure that code doesn't fail when it is deployed to a different organization.The developer also must ensure that...
Answers are: Create all test data before calling the Test. startTest () and Test .stopTest () methods. Use the runAs ( ) method to test the application in different user contexts. Test class best practises says not to just leave the empty catch bloc
What is the recommended way to test this functionality? A developer created a Visualforce page that has a custom controller that navigates to an external websiteafter the' command button is pressed.
Many companies have websites and they want to have their information in Salesforce to connect to their website pages. It is important to have the websites accessed by as many people as possible, then it would be beneficial for exposure when people us