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When did Facebook Messenger start?
It seems that Facebook Messenger has been around for a very long time, but it is only ten years old. I guess that some people like myself associate messenger with either other messengers or simply with Facebook and since both of those have been aroun
What is the difference between Facebook chat and messenger?
Facebook chat and messenger have many things in common. They are both associated with Facebook and you have to have an account with Facebook in order to use either one of them. However, Facebook chat was first created by Facebook in 2008. Then it was
Who can message me on Facebook messenger?
Messenger is an app on Facebook that people can use on their computer, tablet or cell phone depending on how and when they want to use it. However, they must have Facebook downloaded on that electronic device in order to use it. On Facebook, there ar
Is Facebook messenger really secure?
Technically, nothing on the Internet is really that secure. There are some websites that are secure because there is an “s” after “http.” If there is no “s” then it is not secure. It will most likely also state &ld