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Quiz is a multiple choice 10 question quiz regarding knowledge of subj methodologies

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     1) Which of the following processes / methodologies use a four phased approach (Inception, Elaboration, Construction, & Transition)?    

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of Roles and Resposibilities of the members of an Agile Team.If you need a little help you can go to: ...

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    Who is resposible for knowing and applying Agile Principles and Practices at all times?

Test your Agile knowledge! You have 30 minutes to complete, if you score 95% or higher send me your results for a valuable award! Thank you! Tina

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    Agile is:

In Order to get your 1.5 PDU credits applicable to your PMP certification you must complete this exam. You must score 80% to pass

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    Why is the Daily Scrum held at the same time and same place?

Scrum Inc.'s many services include a capability assessment. If your company has been running Scrum for a while and you want to know whether you are awesome or just practicing cowboy Scrum, we can tell you. This quiz is...

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    Our Product Owner . . .

Agile Questions & Answers

What is A user story?
A narrative text(s) that describe an interaction of the user and the system, focusing on the value a user gains from the system.
What is Agile Testing?
A collaborative team effortThe entire team is responsible for quality, including collaborating on test requirements and methods, creating and running tests and meeting the team defintion of done.
What is the most important defect metric we want to learn from?
Defects found in productionDefects found during a sprint are important, but not a metric we want to focus on as teams should be resolving these within the sprint; defects found during the hardening sprint are important to measure the quality of testi