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What is the shortcut to free transform a layer or selection?
The answer to this is Command + T, cmd + T, apple + T, command and T, command+T, Control + T. Do remember that before doing a command, it is best that you already know the item that you are going to transform. This will allow you to make different tr
Alt+Backspace is the shortcut to fill a selection with your background color.
ALT+Backspace is the short cut to fill your foreground color with a seleted marquee. The answer is B. False CTRL+Backspace will fill background color
What is the difference between CS2 and CS4?
When you look in magazines today and see celebrities, you may wonder if they look that great. Most likely, they do not look that great because they have been photoshopped. This means that after the photos were taken of the celebrities, the photos wer